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Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Lies That Grew Up To Be Obamacare!

The two biggest lies about Obamacare (among many) that were told to sell it to the American people were, The cost would be low and you would get to keep your own provider and the plan that you currently have! But 2 years later, the truth is.... The original 10-year price tag, the one selling point that made it "safe" for Democrats to drop this fiscal atomic bomb on the American people was the $940 billion price tag. Two years later, $1.76 trillion price tag, soon to top $2 trillion when the window slides forward another year in 2013 and the new projection of $10 to $20 trillion when it reaches into 2023.

You can keep your current plan and provider, or that was what you were told to get it passed. Two years later, Four million Americans can expect to lose their employer-provided healthcare by 2016, according to the revised figures, far more than the 1 million people estimated last year. And 1 million to 2 million fewer people will gain access to the law's subsidized exchanges than first thought, while an extra 1 million are expected to qualify for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Provision (CHIP). The combined effects of the revised estimates over the 2012--2021 period add up to: ■ An increase of $168 billion in projected outlays for Medicaid and CHIP; ■ A decrease of $97 billion in projected costs for exchange subsidies and related spending; ■ A decrease of $20 billion in the cost of tax credits for small employers; and ■ An additional $99 billion in net deficit reductions from penalty payments, the excise tax on high-premium insurance plans, and other effects on tax revenues and outlay, with most of those effects reflecting changes in revenues. Or if you are friends with Nancy Pelosi, you can always get a wavier!
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