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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

President Obama and Israel: A Seven Year Compendium!

Hot off the presses:
President Obama and Israel: A Seven Year Compendium!
A compendium of national and international news headlines comprising a continuous record of the White House under the leadership of President Barack Obama and his administration since November 16, 2008 to the present day as relates to the Unites States relationship with Israel. A cursory review of the included headlines as they progress through seven years is both fascinating and informative. Some of the hotlinks are no longer valid but further research can easily be accomplished by copy/ pasting selected text into your search browser. This should promptly return salient information regarding specific events you wish to explore further. Due to the current antagonism towards Israel from Iran, this author decided it was time to publish this information rather than wait for the President’s final term to conclude.

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