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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Smart Aleck-In-Chief: Is Going Negative a Political Negative for Obama?

WSJ: Even Achilles had a heel, and Mr. Obama's may be his decision to be his own Saul Alinsky. Defining, demonizing and making a mockery of one's opponents was one of Alinsky's main rules for community organizers. But community organizers, though often charismatic, can also be annoying jerks.

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Bachmann: Federal Government Now Owns or Controls 51% of the Private Economy!

Bachmann on the Steve Malzberg Show....

An opposing view here:
"Bachmann says 'we've gone from 100% of the private economy being private' to now the United States 'owns or effectively owns' 51% of the private economy," scoffed Jason Linkins, writing Huffington Post's Sunday talk show roundup. "This is what's called, 'complete bullshit.'"
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