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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gibbs: By Any Measure?

"I think by virtually any measure our economy is in a better place than it was two years ago."

Does that mean it's dead and gone to heaven?

Obama: Special Interests 'Talk About Me Like A Dog'!

Following up on Jillian's posts from today: She's already highlighted the new multi-billion dollar transportation son-of-stimulus plan the president is promoting. ("It will be fully paid for," he promises--just like the health care bill was, right?) She's also posted the video, which merits another go 'round:

Obama Caused Whites To Fear A "White Minority"--Stimulus "Biggest Tax Cut In U.S. History"!

So sayeth Cynthia Tucker, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's political columnist. She was a guest on "The Chris Matthew's Show," Sunday.


From Breitbart:
Surrounded by union members bussed in for a labor day speech, President Obama announced his "new plan" to re-build America's infrastructure paid for by "closing tax breaks" on oil companies. In 2009, the president promised nearly $1 Trillion for "Shovel ready" programs to re-build America's infrastructure in his landmark stimulus spending program which has not yet made a dent in the skyrocketing unemployment figures. The President did not explain how this "new plan" is any different than his last plan for spending our way out of the recession.

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