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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Democrat Departures Shake Up 2010!

Fox news panel: What do Dodd, Dorgan retirements mean for midterm elections?

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Liberal Media Just Plain Insulting To Patriotic Americans!

Fox News video: Taxpayer funded NPR runs an ad entitled "Learn to speak Tea bag" on their website! Did I mention that they are taxpayer funded (as well as listener supported)?

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There is no Stimulus stupid!

Rush Limbaugh's reaction to December jobs report. State tax collections have seen the third consecutive double digit drop.....coming layoffs in state, county and city jobs expected!

December Jobs Report: Santa Brings More Pain
The Bureau of Labor Statistics has spoken on jobs and the word is: not so fast. We wanted so badly to see a plus sign on the job creation front in December, but alas, it was not to be. Santa slashed 85,000 positions, but hark - there was a bit of good news. The previous two month's were revised. October saw more job losses (-111,000 to -127,000), but November moved from -11,000 to +4,000..... In the fourth quarter of 2009, employment losses averaged 69,000 per month, compared to job losses of 691,000 a month in the first quarter of last year. Remember last January, when the economy lost 741,000 jobs? Now that was scary.

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Limbaugh - MIT Gruber Obamacare Liar!

"He failed to disclose that he was under contract with the Dept. of health and human services while he was out "touting" the Democrats health proposals in the media....Is there anybody who honestly believes what the Democrats are selling without being paid to say it?"

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