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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Democrats' Health Care Hypocrisy!

At a press conference in the U.S. Capitol, Senate Republicans point out that Democrats' words contradict their actions on health care: Democrats may talk about bipartisanship, but they continue to push a partisan health care bill that the American people have already rejected.

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How Obama wants to pay for health reform!

Increase Medicare tax on high-income households: Currently, the Medicare payroll tax is 2.9% on all wages -- with the worker and his employer each paying 1.45%.
Require insurance coverage: The president would impose a financial penalty on most Americans who don't buy health insurance.
Require employers to pay if they don't provide coverage: The president's proposal would also impose requirements on employers with more than 50 employees to pay into the system if they do not provide their workers with coverage, or if they provide a plan but it proves unaffordable for some workers.
Impose new fees on the health industry: The president's proposal would impose new fees on health care companies such as drugmakers, medical device makers and insurers. The fees would be in exchange for the new business that will come their way as a result of the expected influx of Americans who will obtain health coverage and use more medical services.
Trim various health-related tax breaks: The president's proposal would impose an additional 10% penalty for non-health withdrawals from tax-advantaged health savings accounts.

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Traficant will launch independent congressional bid!

Former Democratic Rep. James Traficant, who in September was released from a federal prison after serving seven years on a bribery and racketeering conviction, told CNN Tuesday he will launch an independent bid to return to Congress.
"I will be running for congress…as an independent," Traficant told CNN's Kyra Philips. "I have been a Democrat all my life, and quite frankly I am disgusted with both parties. I hate to say this. My father is rolling over in his grave, a truck driver."
In the House, Traficant was known for his flamboyant and eccentric style. He was a constant thorn in the side of the Democratic caucus. Let's see if the Dems welcome him back with open arms!

In 2002, Traficant was indicted on federal corruption charges for taking campaign funds for personal use. Again, he opted to represent himself, insisting that the trial was part of a vendetta against him dating to his 1983 trial. On April 15, he was convicted of 10 felony counts including bribery, racketeering, and tax evasion.

Traficant served his first 17 months in prison at FCI Allenwood and shortly after, he was shackled and put in solitary confinement for causing a riot after telling a guard, "People can't hear you. Speak up."[20] For nine months, beginning in March 2004, he served with 20 inmates in one locked room at the Federal Correctional Institution Raybrook with a public commode, and with four in a room at Federal Medical Center, Rochester for three years. He was admonished by prison officials in Raybrook he was only a "few points away" from a penitentiary. In the seven years of incarceration, he refused any visitors because he didn't want anyone to see him. He wore his hair in a pony tail without his trademark hairpiece. Traficant took up artwork while in prison; according to his wife, he did not have access to a computer there [21]. "I understood the dynamics of prison life." Regarding the overcrowded prison system he said, "And now what you have is, they want to keep the prisons open, keep the jobs going. They're putting 20, 30 years on some of these young people, and it's out of hand." He was released on September 2, 2009, at age 68, and is subject to three years of probation.[22]

While in prison, Traficant received support from David Duke, who urged visitors to his personal website to donate to Traficant's canteen fund. Duke also posted a letter written by Traficant stating that he was targeted by the U.S. Department of Justice for, among other things, defending John Demjanjuk. Traficant also claimed, in the letter, that he knew facts about "Waco, Ruby Ridge, Pan Am Flight 103, Jimmy Hoffa and the assassination of President John F. Kennedy", which he may divulge in the future. Author Michael Collins Piper, who initially helped circulate Traficant's letter, said that "There's stuff I've written about Traficant that's showing up in places I don't even know. It's like (six) degrees of separation with the Internet now," and denied that Traficant had any direct connections to Duke.[21]
Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/James_Traficant#Prison

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An Inconvenient Tax!

A new documentary film, "An Inconvenient Tax" is soon to be released on Democrat's most anticipated and beloved day of the year, April 15th! This film reveals how Congress uses our impossibly complex tax code to achieve political goals that have nothing to do with raising revenue. Featuring economic experts, commentators, and political voices such as Steve Forbes, Mike Huckabee, Noam Chomsky, David M. Walker, and others, the film traces the evolution of the income tax through wars, economic booms and busts, and presidencies. To inspire debate and encourage change, the film also presents several credible options for reform. http://aninconvenienttax.com/aitblog/

Here's another bonus clip from the same organization called "Got tax cuts?"

Got Tax Cuts? from Life Is My Movie Entertainment on Vimeo.

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McCotter's not taking crap from Chris Matthews!

Congressman McCotter appears on Hardball with you know who, and does a fantastic job refuting Matthews. Four minutes into the clip Matthews asks: "Do you have your heart set on covering the uninsured?" He answers: "Republicans believe that allowing the market to increase supply + consumer driven patient centered wellness to reduce the cost will untimately bring down costs and make healthcare accessible to more people, more inexpensively." Matthews ingores this statement and then proceeds to blame Bush/8. McCotter responds: "Democratic senators blocked tort reform and association health plans". McCotter finishes with a great line: "I love you leftist view where everthing is free and we don't have to raise the cost....Americans don't want this......your arguement is with the American people, not Republicans!"
McCotter Floor Speech Opposing Speaker Pelosi's Government Takeover of Health Care back in Nov. 09:

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Gingrich: 'Sure, Of Course' Obama Is A Socialist!

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Snowmageddon continues!

Today's headline in balmy Fort Worth, Texas:
Snow Begins to Fall, Schools Begin to Close
Only two inches of snow needed to break record!

Snowflakes began falling in Parker County around 5 a.m. By 6 a.m., those flakes grew much larger and the winds stronger as the upper level high continued its push into North Texas. http://www.nbcdfw.com/weather/stories/More-Snow-Expected-Tonight-84994822.html

This video from NBC 5 in Dallas was broadcast two nights ago:

....and in other parts of the world:
Russian capital Moscow covered by record 63cm snowfall!
Thousands of snow-clearing machines have been working to dig the Russian capital Moscow out of a record-breaking fall of 63cm (nearly 25 inches). After a weekend of heavy snow showers, the regional weather centre announced that the previous record of 62cm, set in 1966, had been broken.

....and in case you haven't heard:
Climategate Meets the Law: Senator Inhofe To Ask for DOJ Investigation!
Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) today asked the Obama administration to investigate what he called “the greatest scientific scandal of our generation” — the actions of climate scientists revealed by the Climategate Files, and the subsequent admissions by the editors of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fourth Assessment Report (AR4).
Senator Inhofe also called for former Vice President Al Gore to be called back to the Senate to testify. “In [Gore's] science fiction movie, every assertion has been rebutted,” Inhofe said. He believes Vice President Gore should defend himself and his movie before Congress.

Peter Schiff - A conservative we need in the Senate!

Peter Schiff is running for a U.S Senate seat in Connecticut and wants to get our country’s fiscal house in order. According to his website, here is a brief bullet list of how he intends to begin:

-No More Bailouts: Peter Schiff Was a Vocal Critic of the $ 700 Billion Bailout Package (TARP) & Will Always Oppose Government Handouts
-Impose a Hard Cap on the National Debt to Control Government Spending
-End All Pork Barrel Spending & Congressional Earmarks
-Oppose Obama’s “Stimulus Package” that Puts America Deeper in Debt

In this video shot in West Hartford, Ct., Schiff says "At this point I think the stakes are too high. I find it hard to remain a spectator and just watch this trainwreck happen.....The government is growing like a cancer at this point and it's sucking the life blood out of the economy! Who provides the lifeblood of the American economy? The private sector! Peter reminds us that "The average federal worker now earns 60% more than the private sector worker." This is not sustainable if the private sector continues to shrink causing tax revenues to dry up.

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