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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

America: A cord of many strands!

On Wednesday evening, the eve of the 9/11 anniversary, President Barack Obama will outline to the nation his administration's plans for fighting the Islamic State of Iraq. For the present (and future) sake of America, whatever he chooses to communicate needs to originate from his heart, nurtured by pensive thought and prayer. He needs to sound presidential, not like a talking head grasping at random thoughts while reciting a pre-written speech. He needs to ooze confidence, boldness, authority and resolve. The President must use his sworn authority and power granted him to defend and protect the citizens of America. The world will be watching and Americans need to know they have a competent leader who is “all in”. Words must be chosen strategically and voiced authoritatively. Consequently he should not engage in any amount of waffling, indecisiveness, campaigning, blame games, moral ambiguity or hesitation. He needs to look boldly into the camera and demonstrate he means business. 

This speech has the potential to be a defining, memorable one. Most importantly, it could serve to rally all political parties and ideologies to a single cause, defeating evil. Evil does not negotiate, it relentlessly conquers. We must move the line in the sand back to its place. As in the days of 9/11, Americans would do well to spend an abundance of time on their knees, praying that The Lord grants a hedge of protection around our great nation, His nation.

Folks, it’s time to act as though we are one nation under God, indivisible with the collective goal of liberty and justice for all. In seasons like these we must be one. For a cord of many strands is not easily broken. The alternative is to simply do nothing and allow evil to pursue and destroy that which remains of all we consider virtuous.


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