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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Press Secretary Robert Gibbs tries to answer the White House Press Corps questions on why it took 3 months for the White House to issue a memo on the Sestak job offer.

A reporter asked Gibbs why he wouldn’t discuss the offer over many months, even as the administration contended that nothing inappropriate had taken place. “I’d have to ask counsel for a better answer,” Gibbs said.

The press secretary also demurred on whether offers made to Sestak in June and July of 2009 — as mentioned in the memo of explanation offered by White House counsel Robert Bauer — were made by former President Bill Clinton and whether there were multiple approaches to Sestak, as opposed to the single phone call he described. “Whatever’s in the memo is accurate,” Gibbs said, adding that he would “check.”

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A Full and Vigorous Accounting of the BP Oil Spill!

President Obama promises a comprehensive investigation into the causes of the Deepwater BP Oil Spill as well as the relationships between government regulators and the oil industry in remarks from the Rose Garden. The President is joined by former Senator Bob Graham and former EPA Administrator William K. Reilly, the chairs of the Bipartisan National Commission on the BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill and Offshore Drilling.

Wouldn't it be even better to have a full and vigorous accounting of the Obama administration's "spendimg" spree since it took office!

Phoenix Local News Report Pro SB1070 Rally/ Protest!

Tens of thousands of protesters marched on Arizona's State Capitol in Phoenix Saturday as they demonstrated against the state's controversial immigration law, SB 1070.

A pro-1070 rally was held Saturday evening at Tempe Diablo Stadium. An estimated 5 - 7,000 turned out to support the law, which requires police to determine the immigration status of those they suspect of being in the country illegally.

Ron Bonjean Interviewed on Sestak Controversy!

Fox News interviews Ron Bonjean on whether or not the controversry surrounding Congressman Sestak will have political ramifications for November.

'Change' Fewer and Fewer Are Believing In?

The lovely and gracious Kirsten Powers and an unshaven Andrew Breitbart discuss the oil spill crisis and Sestak scandal. "Will the media treat this as the scandel it's emerging to be?" Do you notice how often you hear: "We have been in charge from the very beginning!" Does the Obama administration realize that this is an indictment on its own incompetence? Duh!!!

Reason.tv: Is Clinton Right That the Rich Don’t Pay Their ‘Fair Share’ of Taxes?

It depends on what you consider fair. Using 2006 data, The New York Times found that the richest 20 percent of households were paying 26 percent of their income to the federal government in the form of income, payroll, corporate, and excise taxes. The average for all familes? 21 percent.

Obama talks about the Ipad....sort of!

Today's comedic relief: An interview with Pres. Obama on his thoughts about the Ipad touch! (He, he, he!)

Footage: Israeli Soldiers Get Attacked By Freedom Flotilla Activists!

Israel attacks Freedom Flotilla aid ship that was heading for the Gaza Strip in international water. Warning: Graphic footage!

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"In this time of war, we pay special tribute to the thousands of Americans who have given their lives during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and who have earned their place among the greatest of generations."

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States Line Up Against Marine Funeral Hecklers in Supreme Court Brief!

ABC News: Forty-eight states and the District of Columbia are backing the family of fallen Marine Matthew Snyder in a pending U.S. Supreme Court case that could decide the constitutionality of laws restricting protests at private family funerals.

Lance Cpl. Snyder, who was deployed to Iraq in 2006, was killed just a month later in an accident. His funeral in Maryland was disrupted by demonstrators led by Kansas pastor Fred W. Phelps, yelling, among other things, that America's military is evil because it defends a country that tolerates homosexuality.

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