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Monday, January 18, 2010

Dem Strategist: This Is "Ted Kennedy's Seat" & The "President's Agenda" We're Talkin' About Here!

Ed Shultz says "The polls don't look good". Steve Mcmahon responds "For a Rebuplican to get this seat would be a travesty"! The will of the American voter is now a travesty if "it" votes Republican???

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Martha Coakley Demonizes Wall Street!

A lesson on how to loose an election: Martha Coakley, speaking at a campaign rally on Sunday January 17th, 2010 followed by President Barack Obama:

Brown calls Coakley's speech at MLK breakfast "inappropriate":

Poll update:
American Research Group in Massachusetts finds Scott Brown (R) leading Martha Coakley (D), 52% to 45%. "Brown leads Coakley 97% to 1% among registered Republicans and he leads 64% to 32% among unenrolled voters. Coakley leads Brown 73% to 23% among registered Democrats."
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Sources: Obama in TV ad for Coakley!

Democratic officials tell The Associated Press that President Barack Obama is featured in a new TV ad for endangered Democratic candidate Martha Coakley in Massachusetts.

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Yid with a Lid!

Just got mentioned live on the Rush Limbaugh show in regards to this video:

Congards to him!

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Former Presidents Bill Clinton And George W. Bush On FOX News Sunday!

Comments on Haiti disaster relief:

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Rush Limbaugh Defends Haiti Comments!

Comments in question:

Rush's defense of his comments:

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General In Haiti Says Worst Disaster He's Seen!

Face the Nation: General In Haiti Says Worst Disaster He's Seen!

What took Japanese so long to send medical team?
Newscast from an unidentified online news source:

Indonesia sends quake team to Haiti"

Nossi College of Art Student Stanley Louis has been personally effected by the recent earthquake tragedy in Haiti. Learning his story the Creatives Group wanted to help Stanley and the cause. Please help too donate to www.yele.org proceeds go directly to the victims who were hit hardest in Haiti. When you text yele 501 501 you are donating $5.00.

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Mike Huckabee: America's Critics Can 'Go To Hell'!

"When human trajedy strikes, it's America who responds first and generously"!
Mike says what the MSM, our American MSM should be saying on our behalf....but never does! The next time Hugo Chavez whines about how evil we are, he and his ilk should be told to "put up or shut up"! Here, let Mike paint the picture for you:

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Curt Schilling Makes Public Stand: ‘I Will Cast My Vote for Scott Brown’!

"Send Scott Brown to D.C." they chant during a rally for his election to replace Martha Coakly! Browns's daughter, an American Idol contestant belts out what she wants for her Dad!

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