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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Leaked Terrorist Interrogation Recording - US/Canada Border

...or major scam?
A Canadian couple crossing the US border to go shopping at a Niagara Falls outlet mall is intimidated, interrogated & jailed by the Border Patrol for terrorism. They are harassed and questioned, told lies and thrown in a jail cell. They are asked which individual stores they were going to, and also stated they had the power to ask the address of where they were headed, so Police could call ahead and confirm they were expected. The Cops EVEN CLAIM they don't need any grounds for their actions. THE COUPLE ALSO RECORDED THE ENTIRE ENCOUNTER.

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Congressman Mark Souder resigns!

Indiana Congressman Mark Souder says hell resign from Congress effective Friday over an affair with a staffer.

Palin Slams Obama for Failure to Secure Border

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin launch an effort aimed at educating the country on the federal governments failure to secure our nations southern border and its failure to address the human tragedy that is occurring as a result.

They also asked Americans to stand up and support Arizona. Key to the Secure the Border—Support Arizona effort is the launching of a new website devoted to these issues: www.SecuretheBorder.org.

Bristol Palin Set to Hit Speaking Circuit!

Bristol Palin is hitting the speakers' circuit and will command between $15,000 and $30,000 for each appearance.

‘Adults Only’: California Campaign Ad Knocks Meg Whitman as Porn Peddler!

"Under Whitman’s leadership, the porn site became one of the largest on the Internet.”


"I thought the irony was too rich to resist it."

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