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Monday, August 23, 2010

Protests Over Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero In New York!

Protests Over Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero In New York
h Thomas-Peter, at Ground Zero in New York Two opposing groups have been protesting at the site of a proposed Islamic centre and mosque, which is to be built just two blocks from Ground Zero.
Hundred of people gathered in an area for demonstrations against the centre, called Park 51, amid tight security.

The rally was organised by umbrella group The Coalition To Honour Ground Zero but included people from fire and police service charities, supporters of 9/11 victims and their families, as well as people protesting against what they call the increasing "islamisation" of America.


Charles Rangel sings a parody spoof of "Bad Moon Rising" about his ethics violations and the investigation of this "fine upstanding" Democrat Congressman.

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