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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Senator Jeb Bradley to NH police chief: "Medical marijuana works. We know it."!

Interesting blog post from New Hampshire last month:

By special request, from the NH Senate Health and Human Services Committee's public hearing on SB409, "relative to the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes," 3/8/2012, Committee Chair Senator Jeb Bradley responds to testimony by Enfield Police Chief Richard Crate. Despite the recalcitrant Chief Crate's refusal to compromise with reality, or Constitutionality, the committee subsequently voted 5-0 to recommend the bill's passage.

So just how did Senator Jeb Bradley discover how medical marijuana works? See the entire hearing at: http://bikerbillnh.blogspot.com/2012/03/barbarians-feeling-some-resistance.html  I agree with the author who says: "presuming the authority to somehow deny natural pain relief to peaceful people who are suffering is barbaric."

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Scott Brown's Amazing Half-Court Shot!

Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) made an impressive half-court shot while visiting a community center Friday afternoon. Brown dropped by the Hyannis Youth and Community Center in Hyannis, Massachusetts to tour the facility and meet with third grade students from the Barnstable Community Horace Mann Public Charter School, according to Cape Cod Today. After several students attempted shots, Brown took the ball and backed up to the center of the court. With an underhand throw, Brown launched the basketball, sinking it from the half-court line. This isn't the first time Brown has wrapped sports into his political appearances. Brown recently appeared on MSNBC's "Morning Joe" at Fenway Park decked in a Boston Red Sox jacket, where he pushed back at charges made by his rival Elizabeth Warren.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Occupy Unmasked: Coming Spring 2012!

The trailer for the new film produced by Citizens United and directed by Stephen K. Bannon. "Occupy Unmasked" goes deep into the "Occupy" movement and exposes its origins as well as the radical ideas behind "income inequality" that has become the centerpiece of the Obama re-election effort. The "masks" will come off when the film is released Spring 2012.

I cannot wait for all my liberal "buddies" to go see this with tail tucked between their legs. Following is a blogger briefing hosted by Citizens United with David Bossie, the late Andrew Breitbart, filmmaker Stephen Bannon, Brandon Darby, and Lee Stranahan, on their latest project, "Occupy Unmasked".

Biden gaffe machine- "President Obama has a big stick!"

Joe Biden tells a crowd that the President has a big stick.

"Now is the time to heed the timeless advice from Teddy Roosevelt, "Speak softly and carry a big stick". I promise you, the President has a big stick".

Does this man even know what he's saying anymore! After a few decades in public service, you think that he'd practice or at the very least PROOF READ his speeches once on a while. Scary to think that this man is Vice President of our United States.

Video courtesy internationally syndicated talk radio and television host David Pakman.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

S.E. Cupp- The beauty of the conservative movement!

Author S. E. Cupp speaks during a panel discussion, "Awakening Conservative Women," at CPAC 2011.

Sometimes I'm asked by the media what I think of an issue as a woman. I usual answer "I don't know, let me ask my uterus". I like to think that the beauty of the conservative movement and ideals is that they appeal to everyone- women, men, youth, elderly, minorities, gay, straight, religious. Being a woman did not inform my particular political experience. I didn't grow up in the era of angry feminism or identity politics nor did I grow up feeling like my gender held me back at all..... What drew me to conservatism was the belief that a limited and small government gives people the best chance at freedom, happiness and economic opportunity. I should be able to keep most of what I work really hard to make.....

That, my friends, is pure genius!

Monday, April 23, 2012

Romney on Obama: Can't Afford Him...!

On Friday, Republican Mitt Romney addressed a gathering of state GOP chairs and members in Phoenix. He criticized President Barack Obama, saying 'I think he's a nice person, I just don't think we can afford him any longer.' (April 20)

Attached is a copy of the pink slip that he has earned with flying colors.   

Discovery's Final Journey!

Still photo and live video journey coupled with a recording of the "Washington Post March" by the U.S. Marine Corps Band, the highlights of orbiter Discovery's final ferry flight atop NASA 905, the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft, from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida to Dulles International Airport outside Washington on April 17, 2012. Includes video of the aircrafts' flyover of the metropolitan D.C. area just prior to landing. (This piece was an element of the "Welcome Discovery" program held at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum's Udvar-Hazy Center on April 19 and televised live on NASA TV.)
 The Space shuttle Discovery lifts off from Kennedy Space Center. First July 4th manned mission launch for NASA. STS-121 was in orbit 12 days.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Want Lower Gas Prices? Support Keystone XL!

Senator Graham discusses high gas prices and the need for an 'all of the above' energy policy to decrease our dependence on foreign oil on WVOC radio with host Keven Cohen on April 11, 2012.

Here are eight reasons for loving Keystone XL: Source (Ironically enough)
1. Keystone XL is totally market-driven. This $7 billion shovel-ready project will be funded entirely by private investment. Taxpayers will not be on the hook for any new government spending or loan guarantees.
2. Keystone XL will help alleviate pain at the pump. As the Perryman Group explains, a stable expectation of “incremental supplies from reliable sources leads to lower costs, thereby putting downward pressure on prices.” Or, as James Burkhard of IHS Cambridge Energy Research Associates puts it, “A more flexible and robust supply system is better able to manage supply and demand developments, which is a big positive for the U.S. economy and consumers.”
3. Keystone XL will help stabilize gasoline prices. As former Canadian Energy Minister Murray Smith observes, unlike tanker oil, which may be traded several times and marked up by speculators, the price of pipeline oil is mostly fixed at the start of its journey to the refinery.
4. Keystone XL will stimulate the ailing U.S. economy. The Perryman Group estimates the pipeline will induce $20.9 in new business expenditures, add $9 billion to U.S. GDP, increase personal incomes by $6.
5 billion, generate $2.3 billion in retail sales, and create 118,935 person years of employment. 5. Keystone XL will enhance U.S. energy security. It will deliver up to 850,000 bpd of crude from a friendly, stable, democratic neighbor. Every barrel of oil we import from Canada is a barrel we don’t have to import from despotic, unfriendly, or volatile countries like Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, or Nigeria.
6. A win for Keystone XL is a defeat for the global warming movement. Green groups view Keystone as an opportunity to regain momentum and offset their losses after the death of cap-and-trade. If friends of affordable energy win this fight, which seems likely, the greenhouse lobby will take another hit to its prestige, morale, and influence.
7. Keystone XL strains relations between Obama and his environmentalist base. If Obama approves the pipeline, greenies will be less motivated to work for his re-election. If he disapproves, Republicans and moderate Democrats will hammer him for killing job creation and increasing pain at the pump. Either way, the prospects for new anti-energy legislation should be dimmer.
8. Keystone XL is bringing aging, New Lefties out of the woodwork, where they can misbehave and get themselves arrested.

200 years of American Oil!

Senior Policy Analyst Dan Kish explains why the President is misleading the American public by saying we only have 2% of the worlds oil supply. In fact, we have enough oil to meet our needs for the next 200 years. To learn more, go to www.instituteforenergyresearch.org

During an event in Norfolk, VA: VP Joe Biden spends over 11 minutes blaming high gas prices on Iran, Oil Fields, speculation and various other reasons (April 3, 2012) Question: Why is the price of gas going up? Vice President Biden: You obviously have a car. I'm gonna give you a brief answer....(which took 11 minutes)

The Obama administration seems to be doing everything it can to raise the price of energy. This is slowing the economy, killing jobs, hurting the poor and the middle class and raising the cost of virtually everything. Senator Inhofe has called Obama's EPA a "growing menace to the economy." John P. Holdren, who then-President-elect Barack Obama nominated as director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in December 2008, called just five months before his nomination for a global climate-change agreement that would allow wealth to be redistributed from countries in the global "North" to countries in the "South." Obama also picked a "spread the wealth" progressive lawyer for his top economist.

Obama pleaded with the nation for $52 million to reign in so-called oil speculators. Could Obama's real plan be to harvest oil from the foreheads of American teenagers?

Finally, Check out the oil drilling going on in this lady's back yard. She is freaking out!

Societal corruption: The mission of Project Veritas!

Project Veritas was founded by James O’Keefe. The mission of Project Veritas is to investigate and expose corruption, dishonesty, self-dealing, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions in order to achieve a more ethical and transparent society. Link

Pat Robertson interviews James O'Keefe of Project Veritas on the "700 Club." They discuss the Voter Fraud Investigations that prompted a response from the Justice Department as well as legislative action in New Hampshire and Minnesota.
On January 10th, Project Veritas reporters walked into New Hampshire Polling Locations during the Presidential Primaries, saying dead people's names. We stated the name of a dead person we got from the NH obituaries. The names of the deceased were both Registered Republican and Democrats And in almost every case, saying a dead person's name, we were handed a ballot to cast a vote. We used no misrepresentation and no false pretenses. in fact, in almost every case, we insisted we show ID and they insisted that we vote without showing ID. Thanks to DailyCaller.com for breaking story.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Senator Rubio on the Romney ticket and...Cookiegate?

April 19, 2012 - In an interview with Major Garrett at an event sponsored by the University of Phoenix/National Journal Next America project, Senator Marco Rubio answered the question "Will you be Mitt Romney's running mate?" several different ways. His answer......no!
So what's this about Mitt Romney's Cookiegate?

From Hope and Change Productions: Definition of a Tax Increase!

Brought to you by the Michigan Republican Party. Hope and Change Productions presents:

Definition of a Tax Increase!
Starring: President Barack Obama

Co-Starring: Senator Debbie Stabenow
(Ex) Speaker Nancy Pelosi
Vice-President Joe Biden

Chapter search:
  • Democrats have called taxes many things.
  • ObamaCare included 21 new or higher taxes.
  • President Obama's Stimulus 2.0 included 14 new or higher taxes.
  • Obama's budget would raise taxes for 27% of households.
Now, the trailer:

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mandatory black boxes in all new cars starting 2015!

Thanks to your government, section 31406 of Senate Bill 1813 passed by the 112th Congress, 2011–2012, calls for “Mandatory Event Data Recorders” to be installed in all new automobiles and legislates for civil penalties to be imposed against individuals for failing to do so.

“Not later than 180 days after the date of enactment of this Act, the Secretary shall revise part 563 of title 49, Code of Federal Regulations, to require, beginning with model year 2015, that new passenger motor vehicles sold in the United States be equipped with an event data recorder that meets the requirements under that part,” the bill states. Link.

A Video Event Data Recorder (VEDR) records video/audio inside + video outside the vehicle. The recordings start automatically or manually. There goes a HUGE freedom Americans can soon kiss goodbye!

Here's how it works (sigh!):

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Interview with Author Sally Pipes: The Truth About Obamacare!

Folks, you need to listen to this interview:

Clay Koerner and Marty Pay Interview with SALLY PIPES President of the Pacific Research Institute, and Author of The Truth About Obamacare & The Pipes Plan, on Takin' Care of Business, The Clay and Marty Show.

Sally C. Pipes is president and chief executive officer of the Pacific Research Institute, a San Francisco-based think tank founded in 1979. In November 2010, she was named the Taube Fellow in Health Care Studies. Prior to becoming president of PRI in 1991, she was assistant director of the Fraser Institute, based in Vancouver, Canada. She has been interviewed on ABC’s 20/20; CNN’s Lou Dobbs Show; FOX News’ “Glenn Beck Show;” NBC’s “Nightly News with Brian Williams”; FOX Business Network; “The O’Reilly Factor,” FOX News “Your World With Neil Cavuto”, “The Today Show;” “Kudlow & Company on CNBC, MSNBC, “Dateline;” “Politically Incorrect;” “The Dennis Miller Show;” and other prominent programs. She writes a weekly health care column “Piping Up” for Forbes.com. In the past, she has written regular columns for the Examiner newspapers, Chief Executive,and Investor’s Business Daily. Her health care opinion pieces have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today, Financial Times of London, The Hill, RealClearPolitics, New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, U.S. News and World Report, the Boston Globe, and the San Diego Union-Tribune, to name a few. Ms. Pipes’ views on health care also appeared in a special report of the world’s 30 leading health care experts published by Forbes.com entitled, “Solutions: Health Care" and in Steve Forbes’ latest book How Capitalism Can Save Us. She was widely quoted in Shape Magazine and in the New York Times Sunday Magazine in an article by Princeton’s Peter Singer on how Obama will ration your care. As a health care expert, Ms. Pipes has debated Paul Krugman, Princeton economics professor and New York Times columnist, in New York at Rockefeller University. Sponsored by Intelligence Squared, the debate was attended by 450 people and was viewed by 270 million around the world through NPR and BBC Worldwide. She debated Princeton Professor Uwe Reinhardt and Harvard’s Dr. David Himmelstein twice on the “No” side of the motion that “universal health coverage is the responsibility of the federal government.” Source


Monday, April 16, 2012

Sobbing Woman Suffers Obama TSA Pat down!

A video captured a woman shaking and sobbing uncontrollably while being frisked by a Transportation Security Administration agent. Political blogger Jim Hoft — who runs the Gateway Pundit website — captured the incident at a Madison, Wis., airport Sunday, April 15th, 2012.

“This morning at a Midwest airport I witnessed this poor woman suffering through this horrible sexual violation,” Hoft said on his Gateway Pundit website. Link

Looks like this poor lady experienced the ultimate hope and change......NOT! Oh, but there's more, YouTuber 'ArizonaSean' shares his experience complete with vide below: Throughout the pat down with TSA agent Martinez I tried to avoid engaging with her. I think that pissed her off. After sexually assaulting me, she started questioning and badgering me over my decision to opt out of the body scanner. It is none of her business why I opt out, but I politely gave her a simple answer - the scanners cause cancer and are unconstitutional. She then started in on me telling me that the scanners and pat downs are constitutional, etc. I responded that the pat downs are also unconstitutional. She said no and repeatedly told me TSA had always done the pat downs. I told her that wasn't so and then she decided to berate me some more about pat downs. I responded that what she said was a lie. That is when she took my boarding pass and started copying my information and I retrieved my camera and started filming her. I really didn't know what else she had planned for me since she was asking if my plane was about to depart. Thank God I had my camera. She became a lot nicer once I had my camera going. This is why you need to travel in pairs when dealing with the TSA.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Lies That Grew Up To Be Obamacare!

The two biggest lies about Obamacare (among many) that were told to sell it to the American people were, The cost would be low and you would get to keep your own provider and the plan that you currently have! But 2 years later, the truth is.... The original 10-year price tag, the one selling point that made it "safe" for Democrats to drop this fiscal atomic bomb on the American people was the $940 billion price tag. Two years later, $1.76 trillion price tag, soon to top $2 trillion when the window slides forward another year in 2013 and the new projection of $10 to $20 trillion when it reaches into 2023.

You can keep your current plan and provider, or that was what you were told to get it passed. Two years later, Four million Americans can expect to lose their employer-provided healthcare by 2016, according to the revised figures, far more than the 1 million people estimated last year. And 1 million to 2 million fewer people will gain access to the law's subsidized exchanges than first thought, while an extra 1 million are expected to qualify for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Provision (CHIP). The combined effects of the revised estimates over the 2012--2021 period add up to: ■ An increase of $168 billion in projected outlays for Medicaid and CHIP; ■ A decrease of $97 billion in projected costs for exchange subsidies and related spending; ■ A decrease of $20 billion in the cost of tax credits for small employers; and ■ An additional $99 billion in net deficit reductions from penalty payments, the excise tax on high-premium insurance plans, and other effects on tax revenues and outlay, with most of those effects reflecting changes in revenues. Or if you are friends with Nancy Pelosi, you can always get a wavier!
Credit: YouTuber Truthseeker2112  

President Obama: The Speech Recycler!

YouTuber Truthseeker2112 took the time to edit together this little beauty, and did a great job. Events which span a long period of time have a much greater impact when presented together in context.

Obama Goes 'Green'... By Recycling Speeches From The past 3 Years! Same speech, different year! Pick the topic and Barack has a speech for it! Unfortunately, it seems his speech writers are getting very lazy. In his defense, I'm sure Obama would say...I didn't say that, it was on my teleprompter, or I didn't write it, I only read it and then he would blame Bush! But speeches aren't the only thing Obama is recycling, He's also recycling economic policies from the now defunct USSR and soon to collapse European Union! How lucky we all are to have him.... not!

Pundits Panel Discusses Romney and the Latino Vote!

Former Arkansas Governor and 2008 GOP Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee (R-AR); Susan Milligan, political and foreign affairs writer, US News and World Report; and New York Times Political Correspondent Jeff Zeleny participated a discussion during the April 15, 2012, edition of "Fox News Sunday" that touched on immigration, the Latino vote, and the possibility that Governor Romney will select Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) as his vice presidential running mate.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

America’s Most Biblically Hostile U. S. President!

This very well researched letter was passed on to me from a friend today and I wanted to share it with my visitors:

When one observes President Obama’s unwillingness to accommodate America’s four-century long religious conscience protection through his attempts to require Catholics to go against their own doctrines and beliefs, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Catholic. But that characterization would not be correct. Although he has recently singled out Catholics, he has equally targeted traditional Protestant beliefs over the past four years. So since he has attacked Catholics and Protestants, one is tempted to say that he is anti-Christian. But that, too, would be inaccurate. He has been equally disrespectful in his appalling treatment of religious Jews in general and Israel in particular. So perhaps the most accurate description of his antipathy toward Catholics, Protestants, religious Jews, and the Jewish nation would be to characterize him as anti-Biblical. And then when his hostility toward Biblical people of faith is contrasted with his preferential treatment of Muslims and Muslim nations, it further strengthens the accuracy of the anti-Biblical descriptor. In fact, there have been numerous clearly documented times when his pro-Islam positions have been the cause of his anti-Biblical actions.

Listed below in chronological order are (1) numerous records of his attacks on Biblical persons or organizations; (2) examples of the hostility toward Biblical faith that have become evident in the past three years in the Obama-led military; (3) a listing of his open attacks on Biblical values; and finally (4) a listing of numerous incidents of his preferential deference for Islam’s activities and positions, including letting his Islamic advisors guide and influence his hostility toward people of Biblical faith.

1. Acts of hostility toward people of Biblical faith:

2. Acts of hostility from the Obama-led military toward people of Biblical faith:

3. Acts of hostility toward Biblical values:

4. Acts of preferentialism for Islam:

Many of these actions are literally unprecedented – this is the first time they have happened in four centuries of American history. The hostility of President Obama toward Biblical faith and values is without equal from any previous American president.


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