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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Herman Cain: 'I don't have a teleprompter!'

Herman Cain, a radio talk-show host who has appeared on Fox news and filled in for Rush Limbaugh, spoke at the Duluth, GA "Take Back Our Government" finale on October 29th, 2010. He had a few things to say about the "teleprompter".

In fairness to Obama's teleprompter, which was not present, here are a few classic moments to satisfy those who may demand equal time:

Here President Obama's speech on the economy comes to a crashing halt when his teleprompter collapses under much duress:

Here Obama's teleprompter stops working and he doesn't remember what to say. A classic, indeed!

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Obama Greeted by Angry Demonstrators in India: "Just go back"!

Various Indian leftist parties demonstrated against President Barack Obama's visit to their country Saturday, demanding he return to the U.S. Well, Mr President, you reap what you sow!

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Minnesota's First Woman Senate Majority Leader!

Conservatism: Gooooooo NATIONAL!!!!!!

Senator Amy Koch is the first Republican to ever hold the job of Minnesota Senate Majority leader. At a Senate Republican leaders press conference yesterday, Nov. 5th., she stated what every conservative voter has waited two years to hear:

"The Senate in now under new leadership. The business as usual approach is now over. The voters sent a loud, clear message to the state senate on Tuesday. We want smaller government, lower taxes and less spending!"

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Man Uses Elaborate Disguise to Get Into Canada!

Here's a new way to conduct your illegal immigration activities:
A young Asian man who boarded an Air Canada flight in Hong Kong elaborately disguised as an elderly white male is seeking refugee status in Canada in what border officials are calling an 'unbelievable case of concealment.' A/P

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