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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Senator Debbie Stabenow: Against Canadian trash and Asian carp!

Ah, the beauty of it all!
On June 25th 2011 the senator spoke at the annual democratic meeting at the Lions Hall in Lexington, Michigan. She's excited about the "wind energy efforts that are going to help us get off foreign oil and be able to have our own American energy which will create jobs" (5:30). You see, so long as the wind in not blowing down from Canada or up from Mexico, it's American wind which apparently translates to American energy.

She also says she is up at night having nightmares about fish. She wants to stop the Asian carp from coming in from Chicago to Lake Michigan which is disrupting the fishing industry. "You don't want to worry about sitting in a boat and having a 100 lb. fish come out and knock you unconscious."

Where are the adults in the room?

TSA Modifies Screening Of Young Children!

After incidents like this pat-down of an infant at a Kansas City airport which landed the Transportation Security Administration in a public relations mess, the head of the agency said on June 22nd that thr TSA has changed its policies regarding the screening of small children. Senator Rand Paul took Pistole to task over the screening of children:

It makes me think you're clueless, if you think she's going to attack our country and that you're not doing your research on the people who want to attack our country... I think you ought to get rid of the random pat-downs. The American public is unhappy with them, they're unhappy with the invasiveness of them. The Internet is full of jokes about the invasiveness of the pat-down searches and we ought to just consider, is this what we're willing to do.

So how do the Japanese find humor in this?

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