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Friday, May 21, 2010

NYC community leaders back Ground Zero Mosque plan!

From Press TV, NY comes a very scary report from a very scary person! "We want to make it very clear to the people who position themselves as bigots and haters, we are her today to say that that is not going to happen.....we are here to show tolerance and unity." says Scott Stringer NYC Borough President. Well, nobody really cares what you think Mr. Stringer except just know that "real" Americans will fight you every step of the way!!!

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"Kill the kids and stop paying taxes!"

From KTTR News Radio in Rolla, Missouri, Dave Weinbaum fields some creative suggestions from an "interesting" caller who's lost it: "All the people you don't want having kids, you want them to have abortions....The rich people are having abortions, the poor, stupid people are having 12 babies at a time......kill the kids so I can stop paying taxes!" Dave: "We don't kill kids on this show!"

Volcker Revelation: ‘Stiff’ New Tax Needed to Cover Obama Spending at 25% of GDP!

"Spending is clearly now on a higher track."

Anti-Liberal Billboard in Tuscaloosa, AL!

Another billboard "attacking" Pelosi, Reid & Obama specifically. "We the people - not three the people!"


Is it unconstitutional to require business be conducted in English?
"This law is important because when some laws are interpreted into another language they can take on a different meaning!" Roger Meyers, Council member, Town of Jackson.

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