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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Angle Interrupted!

At the Faith Lutheran high school in Summerlin, Nevada, a Senate candidate forum ended in a loud shouting match and fist fight between supporters of Harry Reid and Sharron Angle. As Sharron Angle answered questions live on stage you can clearly hear the cat calls, booing and noisy, disruptive shuffling around. Preceding this, coward Harry Reid answered questions via a pre-taped interview....and reportedly the crowd was quiet.

Ann Coulter: Sarah Palin more influential than Pres. Obama!

Coulter talked to CBS News about former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin saying that she would consider running if no other good Republican candidates step up. Coulter said what Palin is doing, is saying those thinking about it - shape up or she'll run.

By keeping open the possibility of running for president, Palin can potentially persuade candidates to stay true to conservative values, Coulter said: "No more John McCains, no more Bob Doles."

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Sarah Palin and Her Iowa Fans!

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin spoke to Iowa Republicans at the GOP's Ronald Reagan Dinner, where TIME caught up with some of her fans in the audience.

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Stephen Colbert, Corn Packer comment!

Colbert found himself on the defensive when Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) accused him of unpacking corn in his Colbert Report segment, "Fallback Position," rather than packing it. Or something. Colbert defended himself, but seemed uncharacteristically rattled by the interrogation—enough to put his foot in his mouth with an off-color and worse, unfunny, joke about gay Iowans.

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