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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

James Clyburn Compares Ground Zero Mosque to Liquor Store!

Democrats continue to dig their own electoral grave, simply by opening their mouths. November can't come soon enough!
“When it comes to where and how any structure, any sanctuary should be built, we have what we call in this country community standards and community standards ought to be left up to the communities so the decision on permitting for any building; be it a mosque or a church -- whatever -- be it a place of worship or be it a grocery store or a liquor store, those things are left up to community standards and I think in this instance that’s what the President has made clear.”

East Providence School District doing away with recess!

A Rhode Island school (yes, Rhode Island) district is
doing away with the time-honored tradition of recess.

Beginning in the fall, East Providence elementary school
students will not be given 10 minutes before or after lunch to
play. But school officials say the change might actually help them to
keep students more physically fit. Superintendent Mario Cirillo
says the schools are partnering with the YMCA to design a more
comprehensive physical education program that will keep students
active, even without recess.

Pawlenty: Obama "Clueless on Key Issues of Our Time"!

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty appearance on the Hannity show where addresses the President's latest controversial statements.

W.H.: Politics Had No Role in Mosque Remarks!

A White House spokesman says politics was not a factor in President Barack Obama's remarks about building a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks in New York City. YOU LIE! Politics is ALWAYS a factor, especially when it involves comments from politicians! ;-)

MSNBCs Chris Hayes - America, driven again by Right-Wing insanity, is 'losing it's freaking mind'!

MSNBCs Chris Hayes - America, driven again by Right-Wing insanity, is 'losing it's freaking mind'. Everyone knows that tha "left wing" is the picture of sanity and reason. Hope and change are right around the corner........of course, that was promised (count 'em) two years ago. But there a-comin', just you wait!

Sarah Palin's "Libertarian Streak"?

Judge Andrew Napolitano and Sarah Palin talk about bailing out the states and whether shes more socially conservative or a libertarian. She's asked: "Is there amy restraint on Congress that you would impose if you were there?"

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