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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

New Anti-Obama Billboard Pops Up in Iowa!

A new billboard in Cedar Rapids criticizes the Obama Administration. It is located on 3rd Ave. near downtown, and reads simply "How's that 'Hope and Change' Working for You?" There's no group or individual claiming responsibility for the ad itself. How many does that make now?

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Biden on the ways of Washington!

Harry Smith says: "Americans don't think you get it." Biden's unbelievable yet expected answer follows: "We're in good shape compared to the congress"! Americans are right once again, he doesn't get it. Any successful person needs to examine himself when pursuing excellence instead of comparing oneself to someone else's flaws and mistakes. Nobody wants excuses, we want results. "Get something done here" say the American people!

A little lesson on the Constitution and freedom!

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Obama Administration Marks Anniversary of Stimulus Plan!

The Obama administration is marking the one-year anniversary of the economic stimulus legislation with efforts to show the measure sparked U.S. growth and curbed rising unemployment. The White House has dispached 25 administration officials across the country this week to defend the stimulous. $862 Billion cost of package yet only one third has been spent. Polls show that only 6% of Americans agree that the stimulous is creating jobs!

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College Acquaintance: Young Obama Was 'Pure Marxist'!!

This B-Cast conducted an hour-long interview with John C. Drew last Friday. "He definitely saw America as the enemy."

Link: College Acquaintance: Young Obama Was 'Pure Marxis

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