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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Gerald Celente : We do not need more government jobs ...

Gerald Celente of Trends Research Institute in NY says jobs promised from the Obama admin. stimulous are not materializing! "Where do you get the money to create new jobs? If they are Government jobs, take a look a whats going on in Greece. This is more political jive talk."

Okay then, what's going on in Greece? Greece's former Economy Minister Stefanos Manos talks with Bloomberg's David Tweed about the country's debt crisis and the need to cut public sector jobs. Manos spoke yesterday in Athens.

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Was Obama a committed marxist in college?

Dr. John Drew, a political scientist at Occidental College, reports on young Obama's marxist socialist perspective in the Fall of 1980: I met the young Barack Obama during the fall of 1980. I got a chance to see how his mind worked from my conversations with him. He was already an ardent Marxist socialist by the time he was a sophomore at Occidental College. I would be curious to know how and why his beliefs changed...if, indeed, they have changed.

Then again, I thought he went here:

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