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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Parody: Obama Address to the Egyptians!

Today's comedy relief is brought to us by means of another great parody by Paul Shanklin entitled: Obama Address to the Egyptians (Click here)

Rush Limbaugh - The Seven Stages Of Film Production Remind Me Of Obama's Way Of Handling The Egyptian Crisis!

Also today:
Did you hear that Dick Durbin is planning on enforcing Obamacare anyway.

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First Lady Michelle Obama delivers hockey PSA!

First Lady Michelle Obama joined forces with USA Hockey and the NHL to tell kids the benefits of playing hockey. Check out this PSA from the Let's Move campaign. Kids, here is your "to do" list per Michelle Obama:
  • Let's move!
  • Let's skate, shoot and score!
  • Let's build confidence!
  • Let's eat better so we have the energy to play!
  • Lets create friendships and become part of the team!

.....and above all, avoid the Obama Diet at all costs:

The Obama Diet!
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