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Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new home for US submarine Kittiwake!

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"After an epic seven years in the making, the Kittiwake, the former US submarine rescue vessel, has finally made it to her new home: The seabed off Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman where she has become the newest artificial reef in the Caribbean. Yesterday, the USS Kittiwake met her final resting place in the warm, clear water off Grand Cayman." Courtesy of YouTuber SunsetHouseCayman.

First, here is the dramatic sinking event:

The following underwater footage is clear and stunning.

Gas prices comparison under Presidents Obama, Bush and Clinton!

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Here are two pictures which speak a thousand words:

Courtesy Heritage.org:

Pelosi blames Democrats' loss on Bush!

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MINORITY LEADER Rep. Nancy Pelosi tells CNN's John King she blames George W. Bush for the recent Democratic loss. "The policies of George W. Bush.....caused joblessness on Wall Street!" she says in this clip. Don't you love the sound of 'minority leader' with respect to Ms. Pelosi. Of course, 'private citizen' has an infinitely more appealing tone to it!

Nancy Pelosi handed the Gavel over to the new speaker. In this shocking video we see what really happened. (Not really)

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