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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Every child should have the right to pool access...right?

Marisa Gerard, 41, is asking South Miami commissioners to build a pool so that her six-year-old Aaron Gerard, who has never been to a pool, can learn how to swim. The family can't afford swimming lessons so they better build it fast.

"It doesn't have to be a massive pool.....the money is there and we need to use it....it's not about the adults, it's about the children....it's diabolical not to use (our Government's) money to teach our children to swim." 

Ms. Gerard, there are three YMCA facilities in South Miami. They are at: 2370 NW 17th Ave #100. Miami, 730 NW 107 Avenue, Suite 200, Miami, and at 2000 Northwest 62nd Street Miami. You now have access to a pool and can teach your child to swim!

Washington DC - Hillary Clinton's house!

She lives at 3087 Whitehaven. Near the dead end of the block. Like every other famous "progressive" she lives in a lily white neighborhood where the only black people are either the help or Ambassadors. Hillary Clinton's backyard is a block away from the Naval Observatory and the Vice President's house. She and Biden do not share a property line. At least, not here. (Thanks to YouTuber BruceMajors)

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