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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meteorologist Allison Chinchar!

I'd like to give a plug Chattanooga's own Allison Chinchar over at Pundit Girl! She is a highly knowledgeable, appealing, up-and-coming meteorologist who is ready for a substantial move. Her demo reel is about 9 minutes and a pleasant alternative to the current MSM offerings.

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Rush Limbaugh - Progressive Income Tax is Immoral!

RUSH: Why is it "a win for middle-class families"? It's a win because their taxes aren't going up. Really? Well, now, again I must point out that for the last ten years there weren't any middle-class tax cuts. The Bush tax rates were only for millionaires and billionaires. Now all of a sudden when the rubber meets the road, when the pedal hits the metal, all of a sudden there are middle-class tax cuts, and if this is allowed to expire, guess what? Their taxes go up. We can't have that. So now we have "the Obama tax-cut compromise." Here is a media montage of all these people out there who are reacting to the news that I am leading the opposition.

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