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Friday, February 12, 2010

Record snow in Dallas!

Snowfall Shatters Record, Leaves 200,000 Without Power!From Texas to the Carolinas, the South is seeing snow. Dallas saw more than a foot, a new record. In Atlanta, flakes are leaving fliers at the big airport grounded. A new record of 12.5 inches of snow in a 24-hour period was set at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (11.2 on Thursday) -- and flakes were still coming down after midnight.

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Troops Mass Ahead of Afghan Onslaught!

Thousands of U.S. and Afghan troops have gathered around the town of Marjah in Helmand province, poised to enter the farming community, and drive off the Taliban in order to restore government control. Tribal elders are pleading with NATO to fininsh the operation quickly and spare civilians! This is Obama's fisrt major offensing since Obama announced he was sending 30,000 troops!

British troops to join offensive against Taliban

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Sen. Rockefeller on Obama: ‘He’s Beginning to Not Be Believable to Me’

"He says 'I'm for clean coal,' and then he says it in his speeches, but he doesn't say it in here," said Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia. "And he doesn't say it in the minds of my own people. And he's beginning to not be believable to me."

President Obama Supports Clean Coal Technology!
In his 2010 State of the Union address, President Barack Obama told Americans that our energy future depends on safe, clean affordable energy and called for continued investments in clean coal technologies.

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Kit Bond Puts White House On Notice!

Senator Kit Bond has some tough words for the White House and National Security Advisor John Brennan when it comes to their policies on handling terror suspects like Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Bond says: "This administration needs to stop treating enemy combatants like common criminals.....we need to stop sending detainees back home from Gitmo!"

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Global Warming Freeze?

The year is 2032 and only 32 states remain populated! Global Warming is sure making everything cold this winter. It's causing a ton of snow in the East, and no snow for the Olympics. No snow, snow, cold, warm... it's all the fault of Global Warming. Take a look into the long-term effects in this report from the future.

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David Vitter speaks on Obamanomics!

Legal Lines with special guest, U.S. Senator David Vitter. Vitter discusses the Health Care Plan, U.S. Debt, and other issues facing President Obama's cabinet. He suggestions include focusing on the economy and jobs! Talks about "No cost stimulous plan!"


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Wallace Takes Shot at Scarborough: ‘I’m Offended People Watch Him on MSNBC’!

In response to comments made on 'Morning Joe' about his allegedly rolling his eyes at the end of his interview with Sarah Palin, Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace says: "Joe Scarborough lives out where the trollies don't run at night. The last time I heard of somebody getting that kind of secret message it was son of Sam hearing from a labrador retriever that he should go out and shoot people. And I think that 'Morning Joe' definitely needs to switch to decaf."

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