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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Liberal Caller Can't Give an Example of Hate or Vitriol From Limbaugh!

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On January 18, 2011 Rush took a fascinating call from Pat from New Port Richey, Florida:

CALLER: Yes. I'm quite upset over the way you speak about everybody.... Well, because of all the things that you encourage people to do. You get them all riled up. You know, I'm not saying you killed anybody but I understand where that comes from. And it's both sides. Both sides are getting too vitriol.
RUSH: Give me an example of how I got them riled up.
CALLER: -- I can't think of one exact thing you said, but all I know is that your whole tone, that's all I'm trying to say, if you don't agree with things that's fine, but can't you just say it without all the hatred...
RUSH: I think you are addicted to this program. I think that you can't turn it off even when you want to.
CALLER: Only because you prove me right every time. I sit there and I go, "I can't believe he said this," and then I go look it up on the Internet and I read it in the papers and I go to just not one site, I go all over the place and then I see you say it when I go on the YouTube, when they have little YouTube things of you....

Anyway, it's about 13 minutes and well worth the listen:

Violent rhetoric only comes from the political right...right?

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Here is a collection of video clips/ photos for all those leftists who have difficulty remembering examples of left wing violent rhetoric which has conveniently receded into the bowels of the MSM's memory banks!

Sarah Palin to MSM: "I Am Not Going to Shut Up"!

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On a recent broadcast, Sarah Palin tells Sean Hannity that despite the constant attacks by the MSM empire she assures us that, "I am not going to shut up." ...and why should she! Palin spoke to Hannity about the left smearing her after the Tuscon shootings by a left-wing pothead lunatic who hated Bush.

Animation: Hu Jintao jets into Washington!

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Courtesy http://www.nma.tv/: Chinese President Hu Jintao is visiting Washington D.C. this week to meet with Barack Obama and talk about trade deficits, the yuan and North Korea. Watch as Hu flies in on China's new stealth jet and literally raises hell.

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