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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

NY Lawmaker Wants Ethnic Profiling of Terror Suspects!

WNYW: "There is no question that the government has a compelling interest in protecting the lives and safety of its citizenry from terrorist attacks," says Assemblyman Dov Hikind, a Democrat of Brooklyn. "The history of modern terrorism has taught us that these attacks are repeatedly executed by young Muslim men of Arab or South Asian origin. This is not a time for political correctness."

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Friday, December 25, 2009


Los Angeles Times: The U.S. military indirectly confirmed that the man shown in the video was Bergdahl, and asserted that he spoke under duress! Join me in praying for this soldier and his family!

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Malkin: Health Care Bill is Tipping Point in Democrats’ Culture of Corruption

"When you have House democrats who are now openly talking about the thug tactics and the brass knuckles approach that the White House and the democrat majority are using to try and ram DemCare through, I think that even these House democrats are getting sick of it."

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Democratic Rep Switches to GOP!

Here's an early Christmas present, folks:
"I have become increasingly concerned that the bills and policies pushed by the current Democratic leadership are not good for north Alabama or our nation and, more importantly, they do not represent my values and convictions."

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Hidden Clause: Reid Bill Says Future Congresses Cannot Repeal Parts of Reid Bill

This is getting really sickening folks!
The Weekly Standard: The Reid bill declares on page 1020 that the Independent Medicare Advisory Board cannot be repealed by future Congresses.

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Hundreds gather to protest Global Warming!

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MRC Announces 22nd Annual Awards for the Year’s Worst Reporting!

MRC: To determine this year’s winners, a panel of 48 radio talk show hosts, magazine editors, columnists, editorial writers, and media observers each selected their choices for the first, second and third best quote from a slate of five to eight quotes in each category. First place selections were awarded three points, second place choices two points, with one point for the third place selections. Point totals are listed in the brackets at the end of the attribution for each quote. Each judge was also asked to choose a “Quote of the Year” denoting the most outrageous quote of 2009.

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Monday, December 21, 2009

‘What Legislation’s All About’: Reid Defends Deals to Get to 60 Votes

“There are 100 senators here and I don’t know that there’s a senator that doesn’t have something in this bill that isn’t important to them. If they don’t have something in it important to them then it doesn’t speak well of them.”

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Rock the Vote on Health Care!

Question: What would you withhold from someone who opposes health care reform? Cookies, a Christmas gift, sex?
Eva Amurri from Californication and Zach Gilford from Friday Night Lights show us how it’s done and rock the vote on health care in the process.

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Nelson: Not ‘Fun’ Being 60th Vote!

“If you think it's fun having both sides on an issue mad at you when you're trying to do something in good faith, just think, it's like going home and getting bit by the family dog. So - who enjoys that?”

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Citadel Broadcasting files for bankruptcy!


Citadel Broadcasting Corp., the nation's third-largest radio broadcasting company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection on Sunday in an effort to restructure its hefty debt load as it continues to face declining advertising revenue.

Citadel owns and operates 224 radio stations, including KABC-AM in Los Angeles, WLS-AM in Chicago, WABC-AM and WPLJ-FM in New York and KGO-AM in San Francisco. Citadel's WABC is home to several syndicated hosts, including Don Imus, Rush Limbaugh, Joe Scarborough and Mark Levin.

"Our business will continue as usual and the company will work to emerge from the restructuring process as quickly as possible," CEO Farid Suleman said in a statement. Citadel has retained turnaround specialist Alvarez & Marsal North America LLC as its restructuring adviser.

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Scarborough predicts that Rahm Emanuel will be fired ‘over the next year’!

On BBC radio Scarborough says: "The Obama administration is in trouble because Obama promised that he would not have lobbyists work in his White House"!

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Radio talk show host Monica Crowley on President Obama's low approval ratings!

Radio talk show host Monica Crowley on President Obama's low approval ratings with bonus comments on his smoking habit.
Crowley says that with unemployment at 10%, Obama should be focused on getting people back to work instead of worrying about carbon emissions and climate control. She asks: “Why is a man who- is so concerned with pollutants in the air and passage of a health care agenda- also a smoker?” This is yet another example of Obama NOT leading by example!

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Pat Caddell To Congress: The American people are coming for you!

Pat Caddell, a Democrat, talks about recent polls showing a growing TEA party voting trend....sustained anger against the Government....healthcare you pay for NOW but do not see ANY benefits untill 2014....admits the American people are coming for you Democrats, but you don't seem to care....they think the American people (YOU) are sheep!

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Dick Cheney calls 9/11 terror trials a 'huge mistake'!

Dick Cheney was on Hannity last night (and will be again tonight). He has served in our government for over 40 years conpared to Obama's two minute political career. Regardless of his political party, he has "wisdom" coupled with his experience that should not be ignored. Cheney said: "I think Obama's demonstrated that he is much more radical than he presented during his campaign". Of course the "left" rejoices over this. He continues: "KSM should not be tried on U.S soil for multituninous reasons. One being that he will become a "celebrity" in certain circles and be given a platform for his agenda". There is no reason to bring him to the US, in fact military commissions were set up as far back as Abraham Licoln for this very reason!

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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Limbaugh 12/08: Democratic idiocy on parade!

Idiocy on Parade
Barara Boxer Compares Abortion To Viagra

MIkulski compares Nelson amendment to Nazi Germany and Communist China

"In one year, Obama has added more to the deficit than Bush did in
eight years." -- Rush
Hoax: Climate Change Makes Polar Bears Turn to Cannibalism

The images, taken in Hudson Bay, Canada, around 200 miles north of the town of Churchill, Manitoba, show a male polar bear carrying the bloodied head of a polar bear cub it has killed for food.
"Obama has absolutely no credibility. He can give speeches all day long, but
this isn't a campaign. He's not running against anybody anymore. He's running
against his own lousy record. And the blame game does not wash." -- Rush
TARP Cannot Cover Stimulus, Experts Say

The $700 billion Troubled Asset Relief Program has been flexible enough to boost bank capital, bail out Detroit automakers and AIG, and encourage mortgage modifications. But no reading of TARP is broad enough to authorize funds for roads or aid for state budgets — unless Congress amends it.

Gibbs Rips Gallup Poll Showing Obama at 47% Approval

"I tell you, if I was a heart patient and Gallup was my EKG, I'd visit my doctor," Gibbs said. "If you look back, I think five days ago, there was an 11-point spread, now there's a 1-point spread. I mean, I'm sure a 6-year-old with a crayon could do something not unlike that. I don't put a lot of stake in, never have, in the EKG that is the daily Gallup trend." Bookmark and Share

Ann Coulter on Liberals (parts 1 & 2)

A very interesting and entertaining video of Ann Coulter speaking on current events at a conference held in Palm Beach last month. If you like Ann, you'll love her presentation. In case you didn't know, Ann is the legal correspondent for Human Events and writes a popular syndicated column for Universal Press Syndicate. Ann Coulter was named one of the top 100 Public Intellectuals by federal judge Richard Posner in 2001.

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Rush Limbaugh: Obama's Job Approval Rating vs Bush and Clinton!

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NewsBusted 12/8/09

Topics in today's show:
-- President Orders 30,000 troops to Afghanistan
-- Obama insists he won't give in to terrorists
-- Gore cancels Copenhagen event
-- Rush voted most influential conservative
-- Chris Matthews calls West Point the "enemy camp"
-- George Lopez cracks jokes at Tiger

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Man Arrested for Throwing Tomato at Sarah Palin!

Police in Minnesota have arrested a man after he allegedly threw a tomato at Sarah Palin that struck two police officers instead. The incident happened during Palin's book tour at the Mall of America. Apparently "libs" have really lousy aim! They are very proficient at spending your money however.

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Opposition to man-made climate change: We want proof!

Global warming sceptics are meeting on the sidelines of the UN's climate-change conference in Copenhagen. The gathering is seeking a deal to curb greenhouse gas emissions. But critics insist that global warming is not caused by humans. This reporter says "Prove it"! It's a little late but most welcome!

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Monday, December 7, 2009

White House Shrugs Off Climategate The Science Is Settled!

Robert Gibbs says "The order of several thousand scientists have come to the conclusion that climate change is happening". There, that settles it! If several thousand scientists convinced him that the world was flat, he'd probably buy that as well! Yes Gibbs, climate change is happening, just as it has been from the creation of the world! You know, if you and Gore would REALLY like to help, then stop flying around in all those jets! Ever heard of video conferencing?

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Al Gore confronted on Climategate in a bookstore!

This six minute docu-drama gives a full orbed presentation of Gore's parody commercial (which he stars in), C-SPAN hearing, man on the street interview and then a Gore booksigning gone bad!

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Shatner's Raw Nerve- Rush Limbaugh interview!

William Shatner sits down with Rush Limbaugh for an intimate interview on Shatner's Raw Nerve.
Update: YouTube Videos down: Here is Rush's link to video: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_120709/content/01125119.guest.html

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Sarah Palin visits Norman Oklahoma - home video!

Sarah Palin payes a visit to Norman Oklahoma where people camped out over night in the cold to have the opportunity to see her.....which they did:

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Deface the Nation! Why Doesn't Obama Talk About Victory in Afghanistan?

Bob Schieffer asks Hillary Clinton "Is victory no longer possible?" "What is success?"

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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Reagan predicts Obama's socialism!

Trust me, you'll want to forward this on to your friends folks. Narrated by Reagan himself. I miss him so!

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Obama's White House "Job" Fair: SuperNews!

President Obama and Vice President Biden try to stimulate the economy, (and Obama's sagging poll numbers) with a Whitehouse Job Fair! Come on down!

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Wanda Sykes compares Obama to Underwear!

Wanda Sykes serves to demonstrate how the left is slowly turning from the dark into the light (no pun intended) by "attacking" one of their own. In this brief clip she admits that her Obama briefs are not cutting it and how much she is missing her Clinton underwear:

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Friday, December 4, 2009

Presidential gaffes!

Everyone enjoys a good laugh, so here are three very entertaining video blooper compilations of mistakes, goofs and misstatements beginning with the current President:

Now the man who is one (of Obama's) heartbeat from actually being President (scary, isn't it!):

In the spirit of fairness here is a compilation of George Bush's mistakes and blunders:

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Cartoon: The Obama bedroom!

Michelle suddenly realizes: "I get to have sex with the most powerful person in the world"!

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Obama Admin Dismisses Climategate Emails during Senate Hearing!

That's right! Dispense with the facts, they obstruct the gravy train of fantasy!

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Corrupt Leftist Barbara Boxer: You Know What the Real Issue Is In Climate-gate? E-mail Theft

Barbera Boxer says "opponents of climate change who have "failed" at rebuking it's backdrop of undisputed "solid" science are now using stolen emails to attack climate scientists directly". As if!!! This corruptive, vacuous thinking on Boxer's part of overlooking evidence, which reveals proir deceit and misinformation, exposes her rock solid personal agenda. It's all about money- billions in fact! This, in my opinion, violates her oath as a Senator which is to serve the people "us" instead of special interest groups/agenda. It's quite sickening, in fact!

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Racy window display drawing crowds in New York City!

Too much 'X" and too much "Oh"? This is our own New York City folks, the bastian of liberalism! The envelope continues to br pushed left.

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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Miss Americas Try And Make The Troops Feel At Home!

Quote: "Morale is at an all time low"! Is it any wonder in light of our domestic leadership! In order to boost morale, six former Miss Americas visit the troops in Afghanastan:

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Chris Wallace on the White House Job Summit!

Fox News' Chris Wallace argues the jobs summit is a way for President Obama to show unemployed people he cares. Imus says: "We should start with replacing the job currently held in the oval office"!

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Barack Obama ecstasy pills!

PALMVIEW, Texas - President Barack Obama's approval rating may be hovering in the 50 percent range, but that doesn't mean America's Commander-in-Chief isn't catching on with new constituents.
There is now a line of Ecstasy pills made in the image of the 44th president of the United States, according to Texas police who have snatched a batch off the streets. http://www.wtsp.com/news/watercooler/story.aspx?storyid=119151&catid=58

The use of the illegal drug Ecstasy is no laughing matter but the emotion can be, as this parody video demonstrates:

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Riots in Kampala Uganda (Uncensored) 01

From YouTube user afroberliner:
Get an insight of what really took place on the streets of kampala in september 2009..Some parts of the clips ran on local TV channels, some where Govt official and policemen were going strong on the wanainchi, found themselves...after promoting uganda in many ways, i believe its time to show the other darker side of my country. I have no political agenda or anything, I just want to show my buddies in the diaspora, what really went on down there. not what you saw on CNN or BBC

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Cadet reads 'Kill Bin Laden' book at Obama speech!

A U.S. Army cadet reads a book entitled "Kill Bin Laden" as he waits with other cadets for U.S. President Barack Obama to deliver an address on U.S. policy and the war in Afghanistan at the U.S. Military Academy in West Point, New York December 1, 2009. Obama is expected to announce a plan to send 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan over six months in a bid to beat back the Taliban and bring a quicker end to a costly and unpopular eight-year war.

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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rush Limbaugh on Shatner's Raw Nerve!

Rush to Kick Off Season Two of Shatner's Raw Nerve: Sunday 10PM ET
Short preview clip at: http://www.biography.com/video.do?name=shatner&bcpid=2226550001&bclid=52251666001&bctid=52239212001

Also today on Rush's December 1st show:
The following chart from a J.P. Morgan research report examines the prior private sector experience of the cabinet officials since 1900:

This certainly answers a few outstanding questions!

Obama's Afghanistan Speech Will Focus Blame on Bush and Cheney
Prediction: "It's the only way Obama can hold onto his lunatic, far-left fringe base without saddling himself with losing the war. The trouble is, he's not listening to the generals"

The Arabs Have Stopped Applauding Obama
'He talks too much," a Saudi academic in Jeddah, who had once been smitten with Barack Obama, recently observed to me of America's 44th president. He has wearied of Mr. Obama and now does not bother with the Obama oratory.
He has not made the world anew, history did not bend to his will, the Indians and Pakistanis have been told that the matter of Kashmir is theirs to resolve, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the same intractable clash of two irreconcilable nationalisms, and the theocrats in Iran have not "unclenched their fist," nor have they abandoned their nuclear quest.

71% Angry at Federal Government, Up Five Points Since September
Seventy-one percent (71%) of voters nationwide say they’re at least somewhat angry about the current policies of the federal government. That figure includes 46% who are Very Angry.
A discussion about Barack Obama's speech on race
These elitist, Beltway media types read and listen to each other exclusively. Here's a hint:
How about paying attention to what Obama is actually doing to learn about his real agenda?

Vieo at: http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/8994
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Chia Obama Commercial!

If you like to grow plants and you love Obama, then you will want to mix the two together and get yourself the Chia Obama. Of course, you could deprive yourself of this pleasurable item and give it as a gift!

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