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Friday, January 1, 2010

Danish Newspaper: ‘Obama Greater Than Jesus’!

Politiken: He comes from humble beginnings and defends the weak and vulnerable, because he can identify himself with their conditions. And no we are not thinking of Jesus Christ, whose birthday has just been celebrated - - but rather the President of the United States Barack Hussein Obama.
"We have Jesus' miracles that everyone still remembers but which only benefitted a few" Politken Editorial

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RUSH LIMBAUGH Sick From Chest Pain in Hawaii Hospital.

Please pray for Rush Limbaugh who has been hospitalized in Hawaii after suffering chest pains -- this according to KITV Hawaii.
According to KITV, paramedics responded to a call at the Kahala Hotel in Honolulu at 2:41 PM and transported Rush to Queens Medical Center.
According to the report, Rush was in "serious condition" when he arrived to the hospital.
Attempts to reach a rep for Limbaugh were unsuccessful.
UPDATE #1: TMZ has confirmed paramedics did respond to the Kahala Hotel at 2:41 to attend to someone with "chest discomfort."

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