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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Radio talk show host Monica Crowley on President Obama's low approval ratings!

Radio talk show host Monica Crowley on President Obama's low approval ratings with bonus comments on his smoking habit.
Crowley says that with unemployment at 10%, Obama should be focused on getting people back to work instead of worrying about carbon emissions and climate control. She asks: “Why is a man who- is so concerned with pollutants in the air and passage of a health care agenda- also a smoker?” This is yet another example of Obama NOT leading by example!

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Pat Caddell To Congress: The American people are coming for you!

Pat Caddell, a Democrat, talks about recent polls showing a growing TEA party voting trend....sustained anger against the Government....healthcare you pay for NOW but do not see ANY benefits untill 2014....admits the American people are coming for you Democrats, but you don't seem to care....they think the American people (YOU) are sheep!

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Dick Cheney calls 9/11 terror trials a 'huge mistake'!

Dick Cheney was on Hannity last night (and will be again tonight). He has served in our government for over 40 years conpared to Obama's two minute political career. Regardless of his political party, he has "wisdom" coupled with his experience that should not be ignored. Cheney said: "I think Obama's demonstrated that he is much more radical than he presented during his campaign". Of course the "left" rejoices over this. He continues: "KSM should not be tried on U.S soil for multituninous reasons. One being that he will become a "celebrity" in certain circles and be given a platform for his agenda". There is no reason to bring him to the US, in fact military commissions were set up as far back as Abraham Licoln for this very reason!

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