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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

England Rioter: "I'll keep doing this everyday, til I get caught"!

BBC correspondent Nick Ravenscroft interviews 2 rioters in Manchester. He asks why they are doing this. After several barely understandable responses the interviewer sums up saying: "Because your government can't stop you from rioting, that's why you're doing it...and because everyone else is doing it?"
Here's an eyewitness account on the first outbreak of riots in Birmingham, 10 Aug 2011 which includes scenes of damage not aired by the BBC.
London riots coming to the US? 
This is interesting punditry from RT America: "Should the riots in England serve as a warning for the US? Spending on wars and cutting social programs are things that both the US and UK are doing. Luke Rudkowski, an independent journalist, and Kathryn Dill, lead reporter for Truth March, tell us if the US will be seeing riots of their own and how the US could potentially prevent them."

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