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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Reverend Dr. Al Sharpton on the "N" word!

Live from an undisclosed location in St. Louis, Mo. Reverend Al laments: "I remember when the NAACP and a bunch of us came out and said we gotta stop using the "N" word. Some of the hip-hop, gangsta rappers got mad with us and we had a debate. "I don't care what you say Rev. Al, I'm gonna use the word." He had a 'nigga' fit on me."

Disappointed Andrea Mitchell desperate for Tax Increases!

NBC's Andrea Mitchell, in an exclusive interview with Nancy Pelosi aired on her MSNBC show on August 3, 2011, hit the Democratic House Minority Leader from the left on the debt agreement as she pronounced it "a bad deal" because "there's no taxes in it" and whined: "Was the President a bad negotiator? Did he give away too much?" (Courtesy Newsbusters.org)

Curiously, after George W. Bush was re-elected and the debt ceiling had been raised in November 2004, Mitchell felt Republicans should be "embarrassed" for having done so:

ANDREA MITCHELL: But what is looking over his shoulder is history. He wants a legacy. He wants to be able to do something about Social Security. He knows he's got to do something about deficit reduction. That is the big embarrassment for Republicans. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, what the Hill Republicans have done. They've been worse than Democrats.

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