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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Timelapse: 3 Inches of Solid Ice Removed From Car In 20 Seconds!

After freezing rain blanketed St Louis followed by 3 inches of sleet then freezing rain again, this car received a coat of solid ice, almost impossible to get off. This is a timelapse of the owner using a snowblower to get the ice off the car.

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Allen West Wraps Up C.P.A.C. 2/12/2011!

One word: AWESOME!!!
West: "We must never forget the American motto: In God we trust!" Amen!

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Live crossover: White House response to Egypt unrest CCTV News!

Jessica Stone responds from Washington:

Q1: President Barrack Obama spent part of the day speaking with other foreign leaders about the situation in Egypt. Can you tell us about their conversations?

Q2: We are seeing the protests in Egypt spreading throughout the Middle East now-to Algeria and continuing in Yemen. How is the US positioning itself with regard to this?

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