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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Axelrod: Obama Criticism of Supreme Court During SOTU Was ‘Totally Appropriate’

"In this weird political season we have become accustomed to unusual outbursts in the chamber during these speeches."

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White House: ‘One Vote Away’ in House From Making Health Reform a Reality!

Shitake mushrooms!
"The House and Senate have passed a bill. If the House were to take up the Senate bill, that bill would then go to the President's desk."
Is this reality or perhaps another Obama admin. scare tactic?

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Rush Tells TV Audience What He’s Looking for in a Miss America!

"Poise, confidence, articulation and..."

Rush also receives the loudest applause.....by far!
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Rush Limbaugh dancing at the Miss America pageant!

Did Miss Alaska Take a Shot at Sarah Palin? "And no I can't see Russia from my house."

Rush Limbaugh dancing at the Miss America pageant!

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