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Friday, December 3, 2010

Alan Grayson: Mega Dittos Rush, and mega money!

Alan Grayson, Democrat congressman from Florida who was defeated in November went to the floor of the House yesterday to speak out against extending the Bush tax rates.

GRAYSON: Let's take a look at the people who are really in charge, the ones who actually run the Republican Party. Let's start with this gentleman here, the man with the cigar, Rush Limbaugh. Doesn't he look happy? According to Newsweek he makes $58.7 million a year and extending the Bush tax cuts for the rich will mean that he'll have another $2.7 million. Mega dittos, Rush, and mega money.

The Fashion Popo- Florida Senator Takes Action Against Saggy Pants!

From WESH NBC 2 Orlando FL:
Black Florida Senator Siplin is tired of the bagging, sagging and sneak peeks at underwear around his community. He's doing something about it with his new billboard which reads: "No pants on the ground at school, pull you pants up to move up"!

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Rush Limbaugh - The New Norm and Class Warfare!

RUSH: I want to go back to this program. I predicted this whole notion: 9.8% and 10% unemployment would be the new normal, and there was a lot in this prediction. August 16th of this year, this is me on my own program.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I'll tell you what the new normal is. No, the new normal is simply a construction designed to save Obama and the Democrats from any association with this economic collapse. Calling this a new normal is simply saying, "Hey, this is not the result of any Democrat policy. This is not the result of Obamanomics, no. This is just America. And by golly by gosh, Obama's doing the best he can with it, but he's only got so much to work with. The new normal, it is what it is. This is not the result of bad economic policy. This is not the fault of Obama." The new normal is defining the Obama depression down. This is ridiculous.....

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Rush Limbaugh - Going Back to March of 2009 AIG bailout!

For your perusal:

Rush Limbaugh Mentions Prison Planet Article On Al Gore!

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