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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Al Sharpton Show - 'There Is Not A Black Person On The US Supreme Court'!

With a fresh Supreme Court opening, Democrats have embarked on an offensive strategy built around attacking conservative justices ( http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0410/35709.html) in order to deflect attention away from their extreme-left agenda. Here, Al Sharpton and guest do their part by smearing Clarence Thomas.
"I'd rather have someone else who would vote - in my opinion - in line with upholding human rights and civil rights and women's rights and prisoner rights - than have someone like Mr. Thomas or Justice Thomas who I think has consistently voted against all of that and has been one of the most inflexible members of the white right voting bock in terms of not only the Court, but in terms of his own public expressions."

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Mike Pence on MSNBC, Discusses Possible Supreme Court Nominees, Elections and Tea Party!

Congressman Pence appeared in studio with Tamron Hall on MSNBC to discuss the upcoming nomination of a new Supreme Court Justice, as well as the upcoming elections and the Tea Party movement. She attempts to nab Pence on the "hypocrisy" of Republicans using filibuster since they're previoulsy on record saying it's wrong:

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Preview: 'The Factor' Confronts Al Gore!

Former VP loses his 'cool' when producer Jesse Watters catches up with him!
Watters asks: "Why won't you come on the O'Reily Factor, you know Bill's not a big anti-global warming guy!"

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Charlie Crist's Fan, Revealed!

West Palm Beach CBS revealed today (4-13-10) that Gov. Charlie Crist travels everywhere with a fan to keep him cool during interviews.

In His Own Words: Charlie Crist on the Stimulus
A compilation of Charlie Crist's public remarks in support of President Obama's $787 billion stimulus.

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China Rising: Assessing China’s Impact on America!

"I felt like a baseball player that got traded from a team that he loved playing for and loved the fans. I loved my customers; my coworkers were like second family to me."

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