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Monday, December 7, 2009

White House Shrugs Off Climategate The Science Is Settled!

Robert Gibbs says "The order of several thousand scientists have come to the conclusion that climate change is happening". There, that settles it! If several thousand scientists convinced him that the world was flat, he'd probably buy that as well! Yes Gibbs, climate change is happening, just as it has been from the creation of the world! You know, if you and Gore would REALLY like to help, then stop flying around in all those jets! Ever heard of video conferencing?

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Al Gore confronted on Climategate in a bookstore!

This six minute docu-drama gives a full orbed presentation of Gore's parody commercial (which he stars in), C-SPAN hearing, man on the street interview and then a Gore booksigning gone bad!

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Shatner's Raw Nerve- Rush Limbaugh interview!

William Shatner sits down with Rush Limbaugh for an intimate interview on Shatner's Raw Nerve.
Update: YouTube Videos down: Here is Rush's link to video: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_120709/content/01125119.guest.html

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Sarah Palin visits Norman Oklahoma - home video!

Sarah Palin payes a visit to Norman Oklahoma where people camped out over night in the cold to have the opportunity to see her.....which they did:

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Deface the Nation! Why Doesn't Obama Talk About Victory in Afghanistan?

Bob Schieffer asks Hillary Clinton "Is victory no longer possible?" "What is success?"

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