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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ann Coulter on Maxine Waters: “It is possible to be black and stupid.”

Ann Coulter was on Julie Menin’s “Give & Take” on Sunday, and came out with a few quotables.
Here’s a pretty stunning exchange, where Menin challenges Coulter on her comments about Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who is black:
MENIN: You recently said about Representative Maxine Waters that she ‘couldn’t get a job that didn’t involve wearing a paper hat without affirmative action.’ How is that not racism?
COULTER: She, I think, actually, is very very stupid — despite the fact that she’s black! It is possible to be black and stupid.
MENIN: You don’t think there is a racial undercurrent to what you’re saying about her?
COULTER: Um no, I think I wouldn’t have said it if I had a racist bone in my body, but I don’t look at the world the way liberals do, as black white black white black white — though I do notice the Democrats keep demanding the votes of blacks without taking blacks seriously for serious positions and brushing aside Paterson and brushing aside Rangel and brushing aside Donna Brazile, while blacks within the Republican party who are qualified actually do advance and advance quite well.
When Menin pointed out that Rangel’s “brushing aside” had been due to legitimate transgressions, Coulter brought up Chris Dodd, and assigns blame for the mortgage crisis on Barney Frank and Chris Dodd.

Later on in the program, she addressed the comments she made on the Joy Behar show, and reaffirmed who she felt the true danger to Obama was: “If Obama gets shot, it’s going to be by a liberal.” (Starts at about 2:29; prior to that she talks about her feelings on public schools).

Here Coulter addresses the “Jews-becoming-Perfected-Christians” controversy:

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