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Friday, December 17, 2010

TSA Missed Loaded Gun in Airport Screening!

Despite the money spent on airport security, the TSA is showing it isn't anywhere close to a reliable form of security.

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Palin Responds to Charles Krauthammer's Critique!

Sarah Palin talks with Bill O'Reilly about Krauthammer's analysis of a theoretical 2012 run and whether her TLC show is presidential.

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ABC's Robin Roberts to Palin: 'Why Did You Shoot Rudolph?'1

Good Morning America's Robin Roberts on December 17 expressed incredulity that Sarah Palin shot a caribou on her TLC reality show. Interviewing the former governor, she chided, "Some in the lower 48, would say, why did you shoot Rudolph? Though, it's not a reindeer."

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Al Sharpton: Rush Limbaugh May Have to Attend FCC Hearings Next Year to Explain ‘Racist’ Remarks!

The dishonorable Al Sharpton continues his reprehensible assault on free speech.

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