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Monday, November 22, 2010

Rush Limbaugh - The Great Political Divide!

Rush comments, as only he can, on how the political divide between the coasts and Midwest are deepening as midterm election analysis reveals.

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Iraq/ Afghan firefight video from 'Special Air Services'!

The following is a frightening peek into recent Iraq/ Afghan firefight conditions from 'Special Air Services' shot near a camp for the troops called 'The Stan'. It comes under fire everyday and this video clip serves to demonstrate the daily combat which the soldiers endure. The Special Air Service (SAS) is a special forces regiment within the British Army which has served as a model for the special forces of other countries. Thanks to YouTuber 'SpecialForces2011' for posting these.

In this next video U.S. Marines drive along a 'marine road' just as a road side bomb explodes. The footage is quite amazing as the earth bubbles roughly 60 feet in the air to the left of the vehicle forcing them to veer left as the soldiers release expletives. By the grace of God they are unharmed.

This final, grim video is very graphic and shows a long shot of Taliban troops killed after the stand on land mine. Together, these three video clips paint a very different picture of current combat conditions which the MSM otherwise ignore. God bless all of our troops!

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Rockefeller aid rolls her eyes at NPR comment!

No doubt you’ve already seen the clip where Jay Rockefeller suggests putting a muzzle on Fox News and MSNBC, but you may not have seen the slow motion play by play of the female brunette aid behind him rolling her eyes in disdain the moment Senator Rockefeller suggested this. No need for an ‘NPR muzzle’ according to the politically partisan Rockefeller.

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Ronald Reagan Speech Remix!

This is Reagan's 'A Time for Choosing' speech brilliantly edited together with clips of liberal politicians such as Senator Barney Frank and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi contrasting their attempts to destroy American capitalism and other freedoms currently under assault by their Democratic party. The Reagan sound bites will undoubtedly give you goose bumps.

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Rush Limbaugh replays Algore singing "Ball of Fire" by Paul Shanklin!

With all the TSA news out there, I thought it was time to give some attention back onto another very “serious” subject longing for media attention. The following video is a parody about global warming based on the song "Ring of Fire" by Johnny Cash. Thanks to some skillful editing, Algore sings this song himself in this new video. Rush Limbaugh recently received a call from a gentleman in Chicago wanting to know what happened to Al Gore and asked Rush to play this on his show. He obliged of course. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3nYwMKVJWfM). This video is followed by the highly underrated “Al Gore's Lawn Mower”.

OK, it’s not really Al Gore's lawn mower. This YouTuber filled up his lawnmower with Chevron Delo oil and fired it up as his tribute to Al Gore. This is guaranteed to make you laugh….unless you happen to be an environmentalist.

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New TSA Christmas Commercial for Airport Scanning!

OK, it's really just a skit from Saturday Night Live but it's pretty funny:

"Feeling lonely this holiday season, looking for a little human contact, then why not go through security at an airport!"

Larry King: Joe & Jill Biden Agree, 'Just Accept Naked Body Scanners!'
They don't fly commercial, so they have no issues with it.

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