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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Federal Employees’ Union Releases ‘Teabagger’ Ad!

The American Federation of Government Employees has launched a new ad targeting Republicans, or ‘teabaggers’, depicted in a cheering crowd with the faces of House Minority Leader John Boehner, House Minority Whip Eric Cantor, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Nevada Senate candidate Sharron Angle, and RNC Chairman Michael Steele- with a sign that reads “Tea Baggers Section.”

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Jan Schakowsky Defends Obamacare 10-10-10!

Jan Schakowsky defends Obamacare at the League of Women Voters candidates forum in Northern Illinois, 10-10-2010. Rep. Jan Schakowski, once considered a lock for re-election in her elite North Chicago district, is now in quite a scrap with her opponent, Joel Pollak. At a candidate's forum, Rep. Schakowski was asked some simple questions about ObamaCare as it relates to the Constitution. She has a little trouble articulating her position....

H/T Breitbart
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John Conyers Talk: DSA at ONWT!

The Michigan Congressman was speaking to the Democratic Socialists of America. Highlights include calling for the firing of Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and criticism of President Obama's Afghan war strategy. He calls the Tea Party: ‘Small and Dismissable’. These comments begin at the 5:55 mark.

John Conyers Talk: DSA at ONWT from Frank Llewellyn on Vimeo.
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MSNBC Hosts Urging Dem to Drop Out of Florida Senate Race!

More Dems thrown under the bus!
"Can you live with your role in helping Rubio win?"

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