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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Breaking News : Chicago activists blast black-liberal leadership.
"There's no white folks running Detroit. There's black folks running that city. Ain't no white no white folks doing that. Everything happening in our community is because of the black leadership doing this. The only thing helping the black community is abortion on demand. There not pushing a black agenda, They're pushing a neo-liberal agenda. Black leadership is abusing us. The democratic party is abusing us..."

Press corps to White House: You’re making this up as you go, right?

“Let’s take the case of the Pentagon. You talked about how the administration has been aware and has acted on an Ebola outbreak since March. And then shouldn’t these — shouldn’t a policy have been in place when you decided to send troops to West Africa? Shouldn’t — how you are going to treat those returning troops in a matter of a protocol then, rather than to what appears to be being made up on the fly?”…
“I’m confused tough because we have known about this outbreak for some time and we are going to hear as you say from CDC later on guidelines and protocols for returning medical workers which we know they were there. Why haven’t — and the Pentagon too in the case of these people who are being held or sort of semi-quarantined in Italy. Why weren’t these kinds of decisions made earlier?”


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