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Saturday, May 22, 2010


In response to this from artist Pete Von Sholly:
Washington Post: The art work is the product of Pete Von Sholly who storyboards feature films and draws graphic novels. “I don’t have anything against conservatives or Republicans or “tea partyers” … per se,” he writes in the introduction. “But … some people will say ANYTHING in their frothing frenzy of freak out, no matter how insane.”

Let's compare a few Republican women vs. a few of their Democratic counterparts:

If you look closely it becomes quite clear why it was easier for Pete Von Sholly to choose conservative women to disfigure!
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Bill Nye - iReporters submit their ideas to solve the Gulf Coast oil disaster!

CNN (forget that it's CNN for the moment) iReporters submit their ideas to solve the Gulf Coast oil disaster. CNN then asked "scientist" Bill Nye to take a look at ideas submitted by ordinary folk and why they may or may not work: Plug the hole, move the oil & soak up the oil! Bill concludes by saying: "I hope with all the concern we do get respect for how complicated it is to provide everyone with all this energy that we all use all the time!" Well, at least he gets this right!

Note to Obama: Since you're job is far more complicated than drilling for oil, I'm sure that you have a great solution for how to plug the leak in your economically hemorrhaging administration! Instead of your usual knee jerk reaction of raising taxes, perhaps you also could explore a few other ideas.

Here's one: CUT SPENDING!!!

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Charles Krauthammer called the Obama Administration "lawless" after a top official today announced that the administration will not process illegals processed by Arizona. "For the executive (branch) to say that we’re going to ignore it or we’re going to un-enforce immigration in this state on account of this is lawless."

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