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Friday, October 8, 2010

The Conservative Divas Interview Pam Bondi!

Rise of the Republicans!

The lovely, intelligent Pam Bondi, Republican candidate for Florida Attorney General, takes a few minutes to speak with the Divas about the Obamacare lawsuit and her pledge to all freedom-loving Floridians and Americans.

"This (ObamaCare) is the largest, most expensive entitlement program ever produced in our country....I've taken on murderers and I will take on the Federal Government!"

The "left" will surely pounce on that statement! 
Pam Bondi met Sarah Palin at the Celebration of Life Breakfast earlier this year.
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Governor Sarah Palin @ The NQC!

Governor Sarah Palin greets the National Quartet Convention and sits down with Clark Beasley for some one on one conversation.

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ObamaCare Covers Youth With Debt!

First, here’s the new ad put out by Campus Progress Action and Young Invincibles coming out in defense of Obamacare (Joy of joys):

In response, here is DeFundIt.org's video which interviews real students attending the University of Virginia.

The Constitution gives Congress the power of the purse, the ability to appropriate or not appropriate money for authorized government activities. If a majority of representatives in either chamber of Congress has pledged to de-fund ObamaCare, then they have the power to simply refuse to fund it and effectively kill most of the law until it can be repealed and replaced completely.
Here is DeFundIt.org's second video in The ObamaCare Victims Series on how the law will not only hurt Harold and Kumar, but White Castle's ability to expand and hire more workers

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Mark Levin - "Obama Sucks!"

Radio talk show host Mark Levin thinks Obama sucks and explains why in this audio clip.....like we all don't know this already!

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