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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Death Threats Force Artist to Remove Controversial Obama Billboard!

What goes up, now comes down:

Anti-Obama billboard goes up in Grand Junction:

Violent threats from the left! Do Obama supporters believe in freedom of speech?

A Billboard Depicting Obama as Terrorist, Gangster, Mexican Bandito and Homosexual Was Taken Down After Death Threats From Leftists Who Depicted Bush as Monkey and Hitler. [Grand Junction, Colo., 10-15-10]

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Gov. Sarah Palin evokes Ronald Reagan while firing up GOP supporters in Orange County, California.

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Barney Frank’s ‘Significant Other’ Heckles GOP Opponent!

Fron flemingandhayes.com: Upon exiting the most recent debate with Barney Frank, located at WGBH studios in Boston, MA, Republican Congressional candidate, Sean Bielat, gets heckled by a Barney Frank "supporter" while talking to the media. While watching this video, we realized that we recognized this "supporter". We received confirmation from two eyewitnesses that the mysterious cameraman was none other than Barney Frank's pot-growing boyfriend, James Ready.
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Greg Gutfeld Bashes Washington Post For Pulling Mohammed Cartoon!

Was this really necessary.....

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