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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Krauthammer Gives 20-Second ‘Correct Answer’ to Obama’s 17-Minute Long Response!

Simply put, I have to raise your taxes!

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No extra trash pickup for you!

Residents of city of Hamilton in Ontario, Canada, who violate the city’s new one-bag-at-the-curb limit, get stuck with this sticker….and the trash. That was one of 800 stickers stuck on excess waste in just one day out of 29,000 stops. Local refuse collectors have been quoted as saying: “I believe they’re going to be pretty upset, but they’ve had more than enough time to adjust”.
Get ready to hear this from U.S. legislators when healthcare rationing pays its inevitable, permanent visit!
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A Tea Party Revolution!

Political correspondents Monica Crowley and Mark Sawyer weigh in on the validity of Tea Party criticism.

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Shep Smith Gets Punked by Howard Stern Fan During Breaking News Segment!

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