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Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Three months later, the Congressional Black Caucus responds to Andrew Breitbart's $100,000 challenge for video evidence of a racial slur used against CBC members on March 20, 2010.

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Rep. Pete Stark Shows Open Contempt for Citizens Asking About Secure Borders!

First he taunts a member of The Minutemen by asking "Who're you going to kill today?". Then, he mocks the Minutemen by saying that he will "try to get (them) some more arms" so they can protect the border.

The Congressman from California then strangely said: "You tell me, I'm not the government." An odd statement for a man who has served as a US Representative for the past 37 years.

Finally, for the money quote: "Our borders are quite secure, Thank you."

Courtesy: Breitbart
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Obama not running for the border!

Weeks after meeting with the president, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is still waiting for help at the border. Whenever the President travels to a specific location, it draws tremendous interest and media coverage. Perhaps this is why Obama is avoiding Arizona at all costs...even if they do sell great hamburgers! Dana Perino offers her perspective.

Another Joe Biden gaffe coupled with a mixed message!

Joe Biden gaffes again, but that isn't the whole story. During a campaign rally for Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold Joe specifically said that "we wouldn't be able to get back the 8 million lost jobs". But hey, at least they saved or created 2.5 million jobs since Obama took office!?!? More hope and change!

Big Government Contributor Dana Loesch Discusses the 2nd Amendment on Larry King!

Dana Loesch and Penn Jilette attempt to seriously debate 2nd Amendment rights with Stephanie Miller and James Carville who refuse to take the issue seriously.

Mark Levin Pizza Party With Obama!

Mark Levin blasts Obama for flying in a chef to bake him a damn pizza! Here is audio of Levin's commentary.

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Kagan: I'ts Fine if The Law Bans Books Because Government Won't Really Enforce It!

One question on the opening day of confirmation hearings:

Does Kagan have the right job experience?

"The biggest criticism I've seen out there is that you've never been a judge. Frankly, I find this refreshing. The Roberts court is the first Supreme Court in history to be comprised entirely of former federal courts of appeals judges. Throughout the history of the court, over one-third of the justices -- 38 out of 111 -- have had no prior judicial experience."
-- Sen. Dianne Feinstein (Calif.)

"Ms. Kagan has less real legal experience of any nominee in at least 50 years. And it's not just that the nominee has not been a judge. She has barely practiced law and not with the intensity and duration from which I think real legal understanding occurs. Ms. Kagan has never tried a case before a jury. She argued her first appellate case just nine months ago. While academia certainly has value, there is no substitute, I think, for being in the harness of the law, handling real cases over a period of years."
-- Sen. Jeff Sessions (Ala.)

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