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Friday, November 5, 2010

Thanks For The Memories Pelosi!

A computer animated Pelosi packs up her things and prepares to leave her precious Speakership to return to domestic existence like the rest of us mortals. She takes her 'Socialism for Dummies' book, rubber stamp and selected other items with her! So sad....

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Erin Burnett Overemphasized 'Fantastic' Job Gains!

CNBC's Erin Burnett told Morning Joe viewers that the 151,000 jobs gained in October were enough "to try to bring that rate down." But actually the jobs report showed there were still 14.8 million unemployed in October, as there had been in September.

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Democratic Pollster: Obama Needs Another Oklahoma City to Reconnect!

On Hardball yesterday Democratic Pollster Mark Penn asserted that President Obama needs an event like the Oklahoma City bombing to really connect with the American people. No doubt he means it!

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Obama lays out and moves on!

Obama says middle-class tax cuts are top priority, and he also wants unemployment benefits extended.

During a phone call with MoveOn.org activists a day after the elections, the president signaled he’s looking to continue pursuing his liberal agenda after speaking of compromise during a press conference.

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