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Friday, January 22, 2010

Obama's Boulevard of Broken Promises!

On the eve of the Gitmo closure deadline it seems appropriate to take a stroll down Obama's boulevard of broken promises!
President Obama signs executive order to close the detention facility at Guantanamo Bay "no later than one year from today" on Jan. 22, 2009. That deadline has now passed!

Barack Obama promises that the "Public Will Have 5 Days To Look At Every Bill That Lands On My Desk". Give me a break!

John Stossel talks about Barack H Obama's broken campaign promises!

A review of President Barack Obama's broken health care promises!

The list of Obama's broken promises are growing longer and longer. No more business as usual huh? Backroom deals, bribes, payoffs and secret healthcare meetings. Cavuto, Huckabee and Moore discuss.

There you have it folks, change you can believe in!
Next time.....be careful who you believe!
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NewsBusted 1/22/10!

Topics in today's show:
-- Scott Brown wins!
-- Congress wasted millions traveling to Copenhagen
-- $200 million a year to try KSM in NYC
-- Star Wars sneakers
-- Palin on FNC
-- Half of soda fountains have traces of feces
-- Pee Wee Herman is back

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They screwed up health care reform again!

No explaination needed.....just watch!

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Airhead America Cancelled!

The voice of the left crashes and burns because of the economy so says it's chairman! You mean the same economy that brought down Fox News? Oh wait, they're still thriving! Hmm, that's odd! Could it have been their message perhaps?

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Huckabee says Obama will win reelection!

Mike Huckabee makes the arguement that Obama will now move to the center and pull a "Clinton" to appeal to voters on 2012. I don't buy it. Obama may change his message but he will never change his ideology!

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Hillary Clinton Speaks at NUSEUM Single Internet Freedom Cyber-Freedom!

Secretary Clinton mentioned the launch of a competition to improve information exchanges:
"We stand for a single internet where all of humanity has equal access to knowledge and ideas.....this freedom is no longer defined by whether citizens can go into the town square and criticize their government without fear of retribution....blogs have created new targets for censorship....we must also work against those who use the internet as tools of disruption and fear."
Code word: CENSORSHIP!

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