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Monday, July 26, 2010


The controversy came up following a report that Kerry moored the multi-million dollar yacht in Rhode Island , rather than the Bay State to save on sales tax. http://wbztv.com/local/john.kerry.yacht.2.1825558.html
Today from Fox 24 Boston:
Reporter: "Senator, you gonna pay those taxes back?"
Former VP candidate Kerry (who served in Vietnam): "We've always payed our taxes, we said we'd pay our taxes...it's not an issue, period."
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AP Reporter: One of War History's Largest Leaks!

The torrent of more than 91,000 secret documents, one of the largest unauthorized disclosures in military history, sent the Obama administration scrambling Monday to assess and repair any damage to the war effort, either abroad or in the U.S

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Fox News’ handling of the Shirley Sherrod controversy “was absolutely racist,” former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean charged on Sunday.

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Harry Reid Tells Netroots America "Would be in a Lot More Trouble if WeWeren't Around"!

Clueless statement of the year award winner: Harry Reid!
Speaking to the left-wing Netroots conference in Las Vegas, the Senate Majority Leader concedes that he knows he gets on their nerves once in a while. "America would be in a lot more trouble if we weren't around." Gee, America is in trouble Harry! How can that be possible with the most honest and most ethical congress in history?

Nancy Pelosi said that the Dems would have the most honest and most ethical congress in history. What happened, Nancy?

"This Is A Nightmare Scenario For Democrats!"

.....in regards to avoiding an ethics trial before the November elections, said Rick Klein on ABC's World News. It all hinges on Charlie Rangel:

Nancy Pelosi said that the Dems would have the most honest and most ethical congress in history. What happened, Nancy?

Mike Gatto Insists Journalist be Ejected from a Town Hall Meeting!

Embracing the concept of ABUSE OF POWER. Mike Gattto may be a new Assemblyman, but he's no stranger to the old tactics that give some elected officials a bad name. "No press, take that camera down...I'm empowered to tell you that!" "You're a thug Larry, this is America. You can go back to Burma, my friend."

Ann Coulter the Libertarian?

FBN's Judge Andrew Napolitano grills Ann Coulter on her libertarian roots.

Coulter in Heated Exchange with Rick Sanchez!

Conservative author Ann Coulter was Rick Sanchez's guest on the prime time edition of "Rick's List" Friday, and the sparks were flying.

After showing a clip of Coulter earlier in the week claiming that Andrew Breitbart was set up with that partial video of Shirley Sherrod speaking at an NAACP function in March, Sanchez asked, "Look, doesn't Breitbart deserve to lose his credibility for this?"

Coulter responded:

This wasn't edited to make it look like she was discriminating against a white farmer. She was admitting that she was discriminating against a white farmer...It wasn't a doctored tape. It wasn't an edited tape. It was an excerpted tape.

Source: Breitbart

Albuquerque protestors call deputy biased!

A Bernalillo County deputy’s questionable rant has two different communities speaking out and it's prompted an internal investigation in the department. The deputy chanted: "I'm a non-believer, there is no God, there is no Jesus!" This is a deputy folks, sworn to serve the people....all people!

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Van Jones Tells Netroots: Stop Worrying About Deficit, We Can Tax Rich Companies!

Former Obama "Green Jobs" Czar tells the 2010 Netroots Convention that the U.S. has no lack of money to stop worrying about the deficit, because rich companies can be taxed. Who ya gonna to tax after the "elite" rich are driven to the poor house?

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