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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Flashback: Donald Berwick: "We must redistribute wealth"!

Today, President Obama officially made Donald Berwick his recess appointment to be the administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Here's Berwick on redistributing wealth.

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State Lawmaker Discredits Campbell Brown's 'Misinformation' About Arizona's Immigration Law!

From Newsbusters: CNN's Campbell Brown on July 6 challenged a chief advocate of Arizona's new immigration law with a multi-pronged assault, only to see her "misinformation" corrected.

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Census Director Admits 'We May Have Duplicates'!

U.S. Census Bureau Director Dr. Robert Groves told CNSNews.com on Wednesday that the Census has “no way, unfortunately, of knowing whether or not homeless individuals were counted twice,” and added, “we may have duplicates.”

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Gov. Brewer Says Shes Under Attack From Obama And DOJ!

Gov. Jan Brewer says the lawsuit against her and the state of Arizona is a waste of taxpayers money. What do YOU think?

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Engineers Claim to Have Oil Spill Fix!

From WTTG FOX 5 Washington, DC: A pair of engineers have proposed a solution to stop the oil spill in the Gulf. The device costs $10 million, but the problem they're facing is that nobody is listening.

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Matthews: Palin Can Win GOP Nod, 'Though Media Will Try To Destroy Her'!

On Morning Joe, Chris Matthews predicts Sarah Palin will seek the GOP presidential nomination, paints a path to victory for her, and admits "the media will try to destroy her."

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