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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sestak on Pelosi's Liberalism!

At the PA press club (Sestak, Dem. for Senate):
Reporter: "Do you consider Pelosi a liberal, and how different is your voting record from hers?"
Sestak: "I never look at her record, I vote as I should. I'll stand up against the interests of my party...This is about solving problems not labeling somebody else!"
Speaks for itself, doesn't it!

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What’s a HuffPo Blogger Doing in the Sainted ‘Helen Thomas’ Seat?

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Mark Levin comments on Mass. play to eliminate the Electoral College!

A must listen to!

Erin Andrews advocates against stalking!

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews lends her voice to the fight for tougher laws against stalkers. She was previously videotaped naked through hotel room peepholes and the footage posted on Internet

New Republican ad gears up for November!

Titled: "Open letter to Democratic polls!" Set to militaristic, dreamy music.

Republican Whip Eric Cantor: This Will Be A Summer of Contrasts!

Cantor: "During the August recess Democrats will go home to their districts and find out from the people what we already know...!"

City Slashes Govt Salaries After Citizens Protest Bloated Payrolls!

Under pressure from outraged residents and facing a probe by the California attorney general, the beleaguered City Council of this small blue-collar city voted Monday to slash its salaries by 90 percent. City council members who make nearly $100,000 a year for governing this small, poverty-plagued suburb of Los Angeles must resign immediately or they could face a recall campaign from a community group.

Michael Savage Interviews Andrew Breitbart on Shirley Sherrod Incident!

Andrew Breitbart speaks on the Shirley Sherrod Incident - Part 1 of 5.

Matthews: The NBA Uses Affirmative Action For Whitey!

In a stunning display of racial stereotyping, MSNBC host Chris Matthews asserts that some NBA teams "carry white players" as a form of affirmative action. Not only does this speak to his low opinion of the players in question (although he refuses to name which players he has in mind) it also reveals his demeaning view of basketball fans who presumably would not root for a team if it didn't have one or two token white players. So what was that about racial stereotyping within the TEA parties?

Source; Townhall.com

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